b+s TAO for Cisco Finesse

b+s TAO for Cisco Finesse is a quickly implemented, out-of-the-box solution for integrating service applications into the Cisco Finesse agent desktop. By pulling data and functionality from third-party applications into one unified interface, b+s TAO for Cisco Finesse positions agents to offer speedy, efficient, and personalized customer experiences that will be remembered for all the right reasons.

Easy to install and intuitively designed, agents are up and running on b+s TAO for Cisco Finesse in no time. And templated solutions for a number of market verticals, such as healthcare and finance, mean getting to market and realizing noticeable returns on the contact center investment, has never been faster.

Bridging the Gap between Service Apps and the Cisco Finesse Desktop

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Boost Productivity with Easy-to-Use Features

Because seconds are dollars in the contact center world, operations that are performed thousands of times must be quick and easy to use. TAO for Cisco Finesse streamlines agent workflow to create faster customer service and serious savings.

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Seamless Finesse GUI Integration

Seamless integration ensures agents won't need training to start working fast. What's more, desktop clutter is kept to a minimum so agents can remain in a single GUI, and can interact with more customers, more efficiently.

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Quickly Deployed and Fast to Market

A robust and lightweight solution that packs a punch, TAO for Cisco Finesse is quick and easy to install, and with a number of industry-specific templated solutions available, you'll have your contact center agents, ready to reap the ROI rewards in a flash.

The b+s TAO for Cisco Finesse Range

Total Agent Optimisation in industry-specific packages to get your agents delivering exceptional customer service, quickly and efficiently.


b+s TAO CX

b+s TAO CX is all about the customer experience! With the most important functionality, information, and features from your CRM available at the fingertips of your agents, customers will experience smooth, efficient, and painless interactions, sure to leave them satisfied. Moreover, with that increased efficiency, you can empower agents to increase both the quality and the quantity of their communications. It's win-win for the business and your customers.

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b+s TAO Finance

Enabling smooth Cisco Finesse application integration for financial companies, ranging from small credit unions to multi-national banking institutions, b+s TAO Finance is a contact center solution that helps agents remain focused on their number 1 priority: the customer. With optional functions for some of the most frequently recurring customer requests, like card activation, card blocking, and password resets, agents have all the functionality they require, in one easily managed desktop.

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b+s TAO Health

Show your customers and patients the care they deserve! With the b+s TAO Health desktop, agents have access to vital information from customer Electronic Health Records (EHR) before the interaction begins. Visibility over appointment statuses, the reason for their latest call, and the availability of their doctors, helps agents tailor the interaction to suit the customer's needs and deliver consistently world-class customer care.

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