b+s Wallboards

Inspire your contact center teams to greatness with a dazzling b+s Wallboard. Actionable, intelligent insights in visually-stunning, customizable dashboards help your managers and supervisors focus on your most important KPIs, while encouraging your agent teams to strive for continuous improvement.

b+s Wallboards includes a captivating array of templates, available out-of-the-box, for quick and easy deployment. Whilst customizable data sources, a diverse set of dashlets and a host of tailoring options grant versatility for a range of organizational needs.

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Flexible, scalable, and easy to use

Reflect the changes in your contact center strategy or operations with modifications to thresholding and alerting. The KPIs, data sources, and dashlets can all be efficiently altered when required.

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Gamify the contact center and motivate your agents

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone... Encourage your teams to go the extra-mile for your customers by giving them visibility over their peer's perfromance, and the insights they need for improvement.

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Connect and combine multiple data sources

Consolidate your data from multiple sources to form actionable insights that will profit both your customers and your company. Bring that data together and translate it - in real time - into meaningful, inspiring dashlets.

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Leverage real-time data to steer your contact center

Give those in charge the knowledge they need to change course, before it's too late. Customizable thresholds and real-time reporting allow managers and supervisors to optimize and evolve the contact center, as results flow in.

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Web-based, responsive GUI for all screen sizes

b+s Wallboards are designed for use in a wide variety of settings. Responsive, web-based design means that whether you're abroad with a handheld device or in the office with a big screen display, you get access to your contact center KPIs.

Your data in visually-striking dashboards

b+s Wallboards is an out-of-the-box, lightweight solution that will amplify your competitive advantage. Leave your competitors in the dust, as you identify the patterns and trends in your data that will expedite fast, reactive changes in your contact center.

Out-of-the-box templates

Client-defined custom examples


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