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Optimal service provision requires complex and flexible infrastructure setup and operation. b+s Cloud Services provide modular, scalable and reliable solutions that make it possible to create the exact setup required to serve customers best. The pay-as-you-use model ensures that the service can be adapted to rapidly changing business requirements.


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Agent Desktop

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Supervisor Cockpit

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Inbound & Outbound Voice

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Multichannel Routing

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IVR & Self Service

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Workforce Management

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CRM Integration

Our Offering

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Profile Voice Basic

The Voice Basic profile is used for a simple workplace and the utilization of analog telephones and fax devices.

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Profile Voice Premium

The Voice Premium profile is used for a versatile office-workplace with modern communication instruments.

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Profile Multi-Channel

The Mobile Collaboration profile is used for a versatile office-workplace with modern communication instruments and a number of devices.

Extend your preferred profile with options such like: Workforce Management, Recording, and CRM Integrations.

«Bucher + Suter has developed a sophisticated partner model to attract cloud service resellers. Currently, most of Swiss systems integrators relevant in the collaboration space have joined the Bucher + Suter partner model.»

Roman Schmid, Head of Partner Operations, Cisco

Highest Standards & Data Security

  • b+s Cloud Services are operated out of Swiss data centers. We have extensive experience providing superior quality and exeptional support in Life Cycle Management, release management, monitoring and operations.
  • The cloud platform and data centers run in accordance with data privacy policy in Switzerland and Germany. We ensure highest safety standards and comply with ISAE 3000.

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b+s offers modular, scalable, cutting-edge cloud solutions that are available today.

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