Collaboration made easy

Make sure your employees are positioned to capitalize on business opportunities, to share information seamlessly, and to ensure your customers get what they expect. Integrating Business Apps and Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), Bucher + Suter has created technology solutions that will drive your business into the future.

Salesfore Integration - UCM

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Telephony Accelerated

Your employees’ ability to communicate quickly and effectively is your enterprise’s life-blood. Boost productivity by integrating business communication platforms. 

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Agile Communication

Turn your employees into multi-modal, communication experts by giving them features like screen-pops, click-to-dial, call control, call logging, and interaction history.

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Straightforward Connectivity

Configuring and deploying Connects is fast and easy, freeing your IT team to work on business-forward operations rather than on installing and supporting cumbersome applications.

Collaborate without leaving the Business APP

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Call Control

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Screen Pops

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Auto Call Logging

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Personal Speed Dial

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