b+s Fusion for Finesse CRM

b+s Fusion for Finesse CRM is a fully configurable Omni-Channel & CTI integration connecting Cisco Finesse to your CRM system. Fusion CRM gives agents critical CRM functionality within Finesse to ensure they can provide quick service to their customers.

Bridging CRM to the Cisco Finesse Desktop

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Boost Productivity with Easy-to-Use Features

Because seconds are dollars in the contact center world, operations that are performed thousands of times must be easy to use. This connector streamlines agent workflow to create faster customer service & serious savings.

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Seamless Finesse GUI Integration

Seamless integration ensures agents won’t need training to start working fast. What's more, desktop clutter is kept to a minimum so agents can remain in a single GUI, and can interact with more customers, more efficiently.

Key Features All Within Finesse

Icon CRM LookUp Filled

CRM Look-Up

We’ve all called contact centers and had to repeat ourselves multiple times. Stinks, right? Now agents have customer information before they answer. This makes for happy callers, chill agents, and fast call handling.

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The fact is, manual dialing is a mess. Now imagine hundreds or thousands of agents dialing numbers all day long! Fast, accurate transactions translate into savings. In fact, this feature should be called quick-to-dial.

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Call Activity Log

Einstein once said that call-logging held the secrets of the universe. Ok, he didn’t, but call-logging is important to running a tight contact center! Ensure agents can track customer journey so they can provide superior service.

Two Flavors of CRM Integration

b+s Fusion CRM vs b+s CRM Connector

Pick whatever flavor you think is a better fit for your business. Choose to work within the Cisco Finesse desktop with b+s Fusion, or work within the CRM GUI using one of our traditional CRM Connectors

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Demo Video

Demo - Fusion CRM