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Make sure your technology solutions are keeping pace with the cutting edge in contact center customer service. Our simple, powerful, and transparent telephony integration makes a difference that today’s demanding customers will notice and appreciate.

Architecture Connects Siebel Integration

The Magic of Telephony Integration

To truly grasp the value proposition of an effective telephony integration solution, it’s important to know what’s going on behind the scenes. Making the right decisions about where to make changes is an art we’ve turned into a science.

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Feature Set

  • Agent voice state control
  • Call control 
  • Direct / consultative transfer & conference with call attached data for screen pops
  • Call detail logged inside of Siebel
  • Auto wrap up and wrap-up with reason
  • Click-to-dial phone numbers in Siebel records
  • Support for Cisco Outbound Option
  • Support for Cisco Mobile Agent
  • Agent chat and email state control
  • Utilize Cisco’s Contact Center to route Siebel email and web chat
  • Unified Cisco reporting for multichannel Siebel interactions
  • Channel blending
  • Multi-chat: up to six, separate, simultaneous chats
  • Task control 
  • Email and chat transfers
  • Chat transcripts stored in Siebel


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