Digital communication in health insurance service centers

The proactive supply of customer needs

Dear General Managers, Customer Service Managers and IT Managers. Dear people responsible for digital communication and innovation management,

did you know that in Germany and Switzerland, around 11% of GDP is spent on healthcare. Despite this, both countries are among the laggards in digital health. Various trade associations in the healthcare industry have joined forces to make Germany the e-health benchmark. We want to support this goal and take you on a journey through the service center of modern health insurance companies. But first, we need you to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How well does your health insurance company carry out its service mandate in digital communication?
  • How does your health insurer become a trusted advisor and companion to insured persons and potential new customers?
  • How do your customer service representatives proactively draw attention to the latest offers without violating guidelines?

  • How focused is your health insurance company on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty?
  • What motivates insured persons to interact with your health insurance company?
  • Why should people switch to your insurance company? Are there only cost advantages, or do you also offer performance advantages in customer service?

Trust Cisco and Bucher + Suter

From numerous service center projects with public health insurance companies, Cisco and Bucher + Suter have gained practical experience in over 20 years and have developed solutions exactly for your needs. As your trusted partner, we'll work with you to overcome the challenges on the way to e-health!

With the Cisco and Bucher + Suter health insurance initiative, you have the unique opportunity to introduce your service center to precisely these topics and position it at the forefront of e-health.

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  • Contact channels and AI bots 
    Bundle contact channels so that your customers can reach you via any channel, at any time. In addition, automate administrative and recurring requests and business processes with AI bots.
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  • Accessibility management and omnichannel routing
    Your inquiries are answered in the best and fastest way possible.  
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  • Unified user interface and desktop strategy
    Barrier-free for customer advisors, end-to-end reporting.  
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  • Integration of specialist departments
    Integrate all your desired employees into the same application.
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  • Supervisor Management
    Centralized, barrier-free and web-based service center control through intuitive supervisor management.
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  • Analytics with Microsoft Power BI
    Uniform and continuous reporting and analysis of all your KPIs.  
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  • Unified communication with Cisco Webex
    State-of-the-art, seamless and secure team communication from anywhere with Cisco Webex. 
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  • Work securely from home,
    The abrupt shift to working from home has created a number of security challenges. 
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  • GDPR compliant Private Cloud
    Free yourself from the overhead of running your own IT operations.
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Contact me for more information!


Matthias Rose

Senior Consultant for Service Center Integrations

I have over 20 years industry experience, and will listen with intent to understand your challenges, so that we can strategically approach them, together. I enjoy great trust from prestigious clients in the healthcare market. In my personal life, my family comes first, and I like lots of outdoor exercise. 


Tel: +49 6251 8622 632


Whether in the background or on-site: Bucher + Suter's uncomplicated and approachable manner, their quick and appreciative support and willingness to help, have made a great impression on the colleagues in our service center.

Andreas Fischer, Head of Customer Service, AOK Nordost

Voice Bots AIC4 Tested!

Communication between customers and health insurance employees costs money. In order to use your service center as efficiently as possible, it makes sense, especially for new customer acquisition and complex inquiries, to use human communication rather than AI bots. With our solutions, you can offer your customers modern ad-hoc communication via the channel of their choice. In addition to phone, email and chat, all other channels such as video and WhatsApp or work orders from external organization management systems are integrated with unified routing, reporting and agent desktop functions.

However, chatbots can be very helpful in answering simple and recurring inquiries efficiently, competently, and immediately. Artificial intelligence relieves the workload on customer advisors and case managers, and customers are served around the clock without any additional effort.

For example, imagine a webchat on your website that provides quick and reliable information on the following topics:

  • Change of address
  • Tariff questions
  • Locating the closest branch
  • Contact person inquiries
  • Status information on supplies and availability
  • And much more

Now take it a step further. Imagine answering those queries on the phone, automated with voice bots. For more complex requests, the bot will pick out the right employee and route the customer accordingly. Sounds exciting? Then watch the video and contact Matthias!

Customer identification and authentication

Automated identification and authentication gives customers fast access to their data. The criteria can be flexibly adapted, for example, in the event of changes in legislation or new requirements.

Prequalification of customer requests

The voice- or chatbot prequalifies the customer request and, if provided for, processes the customer request as part of an automated self-service. If the customer request is not processed on a case-by-case basis, it is prequalified by the bot on a topic-by-topic basis and forwarded to the next best and available customer advisor on a skill-based and potential-oriented basis.

Advantages of bots

  • Time saving through automation
  • Increased efficiency and accessibility around administrative processes
  • Managing peak times in your contact center
  • Churn prevention: artificial intelligence can be used to identify customers at risk of churn
  • AIC4 Tested

When contact is established, the voicebot recognizes that the business transaction involves the provision of general information, advice, or self-service and affords the customer the option of handling their request directly via the bot. This is followed by automation of general information provision and advice on standard processes as well as self-services. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ask Matthias Rose for specific studies and offers!

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Accessibility management and omnichannel routing

Insured persons are approaching health insurers via a variety of channels with a wide range of concerns, for example via email, social media or web chat. If inquiries are not answered satisfactorily in a reasonable amount of time, customer satisfaction drops and companies run the risk of losing the customer to a competitor. How can a health insurance company keep up with this flood of data coming in and out via a wide variety of communication channels? With an end-to-end routing strategy tailored to its needs. 

Routing strategy

Calls, emails, chats, etc. are bundled and forwarded to the responsible customer consultant. If the customer consultant is not available, a predefined substitute is used with flexible request distribution. Ensuring and improving availability in the event of technical faults or unusual load situations is possible through intelligent routing and load balancing between the branch offices.

Advantages of omnichannel routing

  • Simplified operation of service center systems with multiple dial-in numbers.
  • Few master call flows in the system. Each service number or email address defines one instance of the master call flow.
  • The operation and support of the system is simplified because the call flows are standardized.
  • When creating new service lines, only one additional line has to be defined in the database with all associated parameters.

In many health insurance companies, each customer has a dedicated personal customer consultant whom they can contact with their concerns via a personalized telephone number and email address. If the personal customer consultant is not available, the substitute arrangement, which can be of varying granularity, comes into play. It must therefore be possible to map given organizational structures in the routing in order to ensure flexible distribution of enquiries. Existing substitution rules are either stored on the customer's own systems or on the contact center system and form the basis of the routing strategy. These requirements are implemented using the so-called “waterfall” routing model. In this model,  skill-based routing can also be implemented.

With the help of the master call flow concept, we offer health insurance companies the possibility of processing large volumes of existing and incoming service numbers using the same type of call distribution (call flows). Together with the customer, we define so-called master "call flows" which reflect the processes and basic procedures of the call distribution. Via corresponding variables in the master call flow, the parameters valid for the respective service line are then read out from a database and made available to the call flow for concern distribution. This means that a master call flow can be completely parameterized and can be easily instantiated with additional service numbers/email addresses, for example for upcoming customer and marketing campaigns. This not only increases the flexibility and speed of implementing new business requirements, but also reduces the overall costs of operating the solution. Advantages include:

  • Simplified operation of service center systems with many dial-in numbers.
  • Few master call flows in the system. Each service number or email address defines one instance of the master call flow.
  • The operation and support of the system is massively simplified because the call flows are standardized.
  • When creating new service lines, only one additional line has to be defined in the database with all associated parameters.

Ask Matthias Rose for specific studies and offers!

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Unified user interface – desktop strategy

Agent Desktop Barrierenfrei

Connection of ERP systems and CRM in the agent desktop of Cisco Finesse.

Media-disruption-free technologies facilitate communication and reduce administrative effort. Your service center receives hundreds of customer requests a day and you want to process them accurately. With Finesse, data from your ERP or CRM is quickly available. All relevant customer information is provided in the customizable “Agent Cockpit” to process the requests holistically and successfully. All customer service agents, case workers, and case managers should work with the same end-to-end designed and unified communication solution.


  • Easy handling
  • Less personnel expenditure
  • Support of the specialist department in case of overload
  • Uniform reporting
  • Central availability status
  • Provides transparency and improves the availability of employees
  • Helps meet service level requirements across all channels


Whether working from the CRM or Finesse, media-disruption-free and browser-based communication leads to improved customer experience. The use of a wide variety of devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, phone) is also made possible with Cisco.

Find out more about Cisco accessibility HERE.

The Cisco Finesse client is the agent and supervisor workplace of the next generation. The web-based desktop combines the latest technologies, giving employees easy access to the applications and information they need. An intuitive and accessible user interface design increases the efficiency of work processes, which in turn improves the quality of customer service.

Cisco Finesse provides IT professionals with a seamless integration of the contact center product range into the existing IT landscape and, by default, allows cost-effective customization of the agent and supervisor desktop via the integrated gadget technology. For more information, please also visit the Agent Desktop product page, HERE.

The Cisco Finesse agent desktop is also capable of displaying real-time dashboards from the Cisco CUIC. This provides the agent with information on metrics such as service lines, calls on hold or status information from other agents. The gadgets can be flexibly arranged in the Finesse desktop. The administrator has the possibility to design the agent desktop for each agent team.

  • Web-based desktop
  • Ready/not ready switching
  • Pop-up for incoming calls
  • Call answer, call hold
  • Transfers and conferences
  • Call classification with follow-up reasons
  • Team info from team leader
  • One desktop for all media including email and chat
  • Finesse login and language support
  • Finesse phonebook and dial pad

We develop powerful and user-friendly CRM CTI integrations for Cisco Contact Center. Our solutions help you master business-critical and complex processes in customer communication. Our CRM-based connectors are built for Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Oracle, Siebel, SAP, SAP C4C, and Zendesk, with the highest quality standards,

Integrate Cisco CCE and your CRM with an easy-to-use and powerful gadget that seamlessly integrates into your agent environment. By providing a unified interface for handling interactions, with all relevant information and necessary tools directly available to agents, you enable customer communications the way they should be: efficient, intuitive, and purposeful. 

  • Click-to-dial
  • Configurable pop-ups
  • Logging of interactions
  • Data preview in gadget
  • Supervisor functions
  • Prebuilt toolbars

Learn more about CRM connectors HERE.

  • Media-continuity-free service for insured persons, hospitals, physicians, and health insurance companies.
  • 360° view of the insured through centralized data of all communication channels.
  • Accessibility through own choice of communication channels.
  • Visible worklist and concerns distribution: number of tasks in the waiting field, previously used channels.
  • Clear channels through overall monitoring of workload, availability and lost contacts.
  • Unified solution for internal and external communication.
  • Central availability status: improve accessibility through real-time status information and avoid unsuccessful transfers (unified communication).
  • Support responsibility and organization guidelines through predefined representative rules.
  • Automated routing of all channels based on service level specifications.
  • Prioritization of customer concerns within central queues across all available channels.
  • Skill-based rules to target the best possible service agents.
  • Intelligent routing and load balancing in case of overload between offices increases accessibility.

AOK Nordost is ushering in a new era in customer service thanks to state-of-the-art service center technology. With the goal of building a flexible, scalable and highly available service center platform while reducing fixed costs, Bucher + Suter is writing another part of its success story together with AOK Nordost.

Ralf Seifert, Senior Consultant, Bucher + Suter

Integrate the back office and compensate for overloads

During normal operation, the service center often has customer consultants on duty who are not working at full capacity. When there is an overload, the opposite happens. In addition, specialists who are ready to help are occasionally overloaded by queries from customer consultants. Cisco and Bucher + Suter respond to the workload imbalance and the monitoring problem with a special offer: a virtual service center across all locations up to the specialist departments. Case managers and administrators receive the same license as customer consultants, but at considerably lower prices due to smaller call volumes.

Employees of health insurance companies work with the same application (CCE). This enables quick integration of necessary and free resources into the service center and good working conditions.

  • During normal operation, fewer customer service representatives are needed as specialist departments can help out during overloads.
  • Sharing the system increases common understanding and fair workload distribution.
  • Even the IT help desk can be integrated if desired.
  • Everyone has the same omnichannel capabilities.
  • Unified reporting and analytics become a breeze.
  • Communication and interaction between insureds, customer advisors, specialists and external suppliers is free of media discontinuity and is evaluated and analyzed holistically.
  • Tested and established in practice. Matthias Rose will gladly provide you with concrete references.

Ask Matthias Rose for specific studies and offers!

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Supervisor console and administration

Become the master of your business processes with centralized control and location-independent operation.

The barrier-free and web-based supervisor management console (SMC) serves as the central control element for administration and configuration in the daily operation of the service center. With minimal installation effort and location-independent operation, health insurers can define opening hours, modify announcements and make routing adjustments themselves. Learn more about SMC on the product page, HERE.

SMC cockpit

With the SMC cockpit, the supervisor has an overview of all current switching states across the input channels within his area of responsibility. Intuitively with only one click, they can influence and change the opening hours, call flow switches or also threshold values in the call flow. In this way, the supervisor can react quickly to unforeseen events without having to call the internal helpdesk first.

Skill matrix

Via the skill matrix, the skills (attributes) of each agent including competence level can be adjusted. There are two types of attributes:

  • Boolean attributes: these attributes have only two values (true and false).
  • proficiency attributes: these attributes have a skill level from 1 (beginner) to 10 (expert).

In order to ensure an overview for larger teams, the skill matrix can be narrowed down accordingly via upstream filters and arranged clearly according to requirements. Mass reskilling is both quick and straight-forward. The default settings can be saved in order to be able to react quickly in emergency situations and also to quickly return to the initial settings.

Announcement management

Announcement management provides the supervisor with two administrative options. First, an arbitrarily expandable library of predefined announcements that can be assigned and played via the SMC at previously defined points in the business flow. Second, the announcements manager provides the supervisor with the option of making and adapting announcements via the telephone if they are required at short notice.

Opening hours

The supervisor can use this module to individually set and administer the opening hours and holidays for each service line for which they are responsible. The intuitive control is supported by a calendar and also allows logically related service lines to be grouped together in a uniform manner.

  • Clear user-interface specially tailored to the needs of supervisors.
  • User-friendly management of configurations without prior technical knowledge.
  • Browser-based application, without significant installation effort.
  • Authorization concept (multi-client capability).
  • Language module for different languages.
  • IVR announcement system incl. time control of self-recorded announcements and/or announcement selection from an announcement library.
  • Maintenance of opening hours and holidays.
  • Multi-time zone support for international companies.
  • Agent skill matrix for a fair distribution of customer requests.
  • Various switches to influence CCE call flows (e.g. alarm control, team meeting, size of queues or waiting times, overflows).

Ask Matthias Rose for specific studies and offers!

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Analytics with Microsoft Power BI

b+s CCBI is a business intelligence solution based on Microsoft's Power BI for the Cisco Contact Center Enterprise (CCE), available on-premise, hybrid or from the cloud. Finally, you can view service center data holistically. Select values interact across diagrams to show selected problem areas at a glance. Groupings of organizations, locations and languages become a breeze with Power BI. For more information on Power BI, click HERE.

Identify repeated calls within an analysis of individual customer contacts using ANI (automatic number identification). Power BI's state-of-the-art visualization methods include geographic map charts and advanced calculation methods to identify trends. In addition, the Power BI Marketplace offers a further suite of useful charts from third party developers. 


  • Holistically prepared service center data, for any analyses.
  • Visualized and fast filtering of all available data.
  • Self-service reporting thanks to business relevant groupings.
  • Intuitive UI, comprehensibility and flexibility.
  • Filigree measurement of smallest entities with all their global relationships.
  • Shared use on various devices possible (mobile, remote work).
  • With the add-on variant, no additional server performance and storage space is required.

Reports for CUIC

These reports can be used as a potential basis for Power BI

It's all about data – with b+s Reports for CUIC, we offer you a sophisticated and ready-to-use reporting tool as an add-on for Cisco's Unified Intelligence Center (CUIC). Pre-built and powerful templates allow you to effortlessly create comprehensive reports and derive operational insights and the corresponding actions.

Go to the product page HERE

  • Data from any source and department can be integrated and operated by the customer itself or by Bucher + Suter in the CCBI data model.
  • b+s CCBI is available as a stand-alone solution or as an add-on to b+s Reporting (call-by-call database server). In the cloud solution, the Power BI Gateway is installed on a server with an internet connection and delivers the data from the customer's b+s Reporting to the Power BI data model in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.
  • Depending on the customer's Microsoft licensing, the update schedule is defined, and a dedicated cloud instance is used if necessary.
  • Focus checkbox for easy differentiation of service level relevant objects.
  • Freely definable short call threshold.
  • Skill group and precision queue consolidation.
  • Display of data availability across all data sources.
  • Organizational groupings (BU/OU) facilitate segmentation of rights.
  • Data-independent date and time calendar for selecting and displaying data.
  • Retention of all configured objects, even if they have been deleted in the CCE.
  • All common contact center KPIs.
  • Purpose-built interactions between all charts in report templates.
  • Language dimension allows analysis of demand and existing language skills.
  • Location parameters for agents allow geographic analysis.
  • Primary queue reporting.
  • Originator (ANI) dimension and filter also allow recaller reporting.
  • Service level scenarios in 10 steps from 10 seconds to 20 minutes.
  • Inclusion of agent and department utilization.

Data models and report templates are published in the customer's workspace. User segmentation of the data is done in advance based on predefined roles and “row level security”. Assigning roles allows easy management of access rights for the different users within a workspace.


The licensing of Power BI is the responsibility of the customer and not part of the solution. Capacities and limitations are largely dependent on this and can also be increased incrementally. The responsibility for publishing the data in the Azure Cloud and managing the access rights for the users lies entirely with the customer. This also includes compliance with country-specific data protection regulations.


In the b+s CCBI data model, not all data of the reporting database is available. Which measures are included with which release can be found in the specification of the data model.

Contact center inbound across all channels (voice, chat, email, tasks).

  • Agent status times
  • Direct calls

Is this the beginning of another success story? Share this information with analysts and service center managers in your organization. We're ready when you are!

Ask Matthias Rose for specific studies and offers!

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Unified communication with Cisco Webex

With Cisco Webex, insurance companies put their power to work and save time at every meeting!

Designed to break down barriers, connect people, and empower exceptional work – from anywhere. Seamless collaboration, intelligent hybrid work experiences, and smart customer experiences with built-in security, privacy, and insights enable 10X better experiences.

Working from home

The collaboration platform for working from home is designed to scale quickly and securely across the enterprise.

Branch office

Work at the highest level, even in your remote offices, with high-quality video, whiteboard presentations, and AI capabilities.


With a rapidly deployable cloud call center solution, your agents can be working from home in less than five days.


Benefit from management, analysis, troubleshooting, and protection of your collaboration devices and services across the enterprise.

Ask Matthias Rose for specific studies and offers!

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Work securely from home

With the abrupt shift to work-from-home, a number of security challenges have arisen that make it difficult to keep your business running in an entirely new environment or at a large scale. It places an unforeseen burden on your security and IT teams who must provide rapid support for an unprecedented number of remote workers and their devices – all without compromising security.  The Cisco Secure Remote Worker solution brings together scalable user and device protection, making it easier for you to verify, provide secure access, and protect remote workers from threats anytime, anywhere. Learn more on the product page HERE.

This integrated solution helps you accelerate business success with interoperable security features and the power of Cisco Duo, AnyConnect, Umbrella, and AMP for Endpoints.

Cisco Secure Remote Worker is part of the Cisco SecureX platform and meets current and future security requirements.

Ask Matthias Rose for specific studies and offers!

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GDPR compliant private cloud

Cloud Contact Center Logo

Free yourself from the overhead of running your own IT operations. Devote yourself entirely to the further development of your services, the introduction of new contact channels and services, and the optimization of your customer contact strategy. Benefit from stable and secure platform operation including all maintenance with automatic updates and upgrades in our cloud operating environment. All solutions are available from the secure cloud.

With the flexible Cisco Contact Center architecture, you benefit from uniform functions, tools and interfaces – regardless of whether you implement the solution on-site in your own data center, in our secure cloud environment or even in a mixed-hybrid architecture. The operating model can be changed at any time, even for individual countries, without your employees noticing. A real advantage when selecting technology today if your solution is still to meet your operational requirements in a few years’ time! HERE you will find the b+s Cloud product page for more information.

The same applies to the licensing model: with Cisco Flex Licensing, you benefit from the option to switch between different operating models at any time. For example, if you start today with technology in your own data center, you can flexibly switch to different cloud models from Cisco at any time – and vice versa.

Take advantage of the unique cloud solution, designed and operated for companies with highly sensitive data.

  • Private cloud
  • FINMA ISEA 3000 Report Type II
  • ISO 27001/ ISO 27017
  • Compliant with GDPR/SGB
  • Statutory health insurance companies and banks as reference customers

Ask Matthias Rose for specific studies and offers!

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