About Customer Experience at Cisco Live


About Customer Experience at Cisco Live

The Importance of Customer Experience

In his insightful post about what he learned at CiscoLive 2017, Miles Kane wisely pointed out that important industry lessons sometimes come from unexpected places.

Sammy Hagar and Bret Michaels played a Bucher + Suter sponsored concert at CiscoLive 2017 this year for what he described as, once again, the best party of the entire event.

What he gleaned from watching these two rock legends play was that no matter the circumstances, Customer Experience (CX) rules everything. Sammy and Bret understood and embodied this in their concert, and our industry must now embrace this concept as the gold standard for product development.

We think Miles is totally right. That’s why, at b+s, crafting software that helps businesses improve customer experience is what we’re all about. Check out Miles' post HERE.

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