Case Study - Republic Services (RSI) with b+s Connects for Salesforce

We recently created a case study for Republic Services Inc. It is often difficult enough to see how different native product features make concrete contributions to business processes.

When it comes to independent middleware solutions, getting clear about what’s going on, and what actual difference the add-on product is making for workflow can be quite difficult to discern. This case study makes it clear how our gadget made a difference for RSI both in terms of financial savings as well as improved contact center performance.

Case Study - Republic Services (RSI) with b+s Connects for Salesforce

Customers really appreciate it when they don’t have to wait for a minute or two for agents to pull up all their records.

Scott Dresser, Director of CX, Republic Services

We focus on conveying big-picture, tangible advantages conferred by the b+s Connects for Salesforce product. Specifically, the case study gives a great sense of the actual problems RSI was facing in its contact centers, and how the b+s software made practical, measurable, and systematic changes along exactly the lines RSI was seeking. Furthermore, RSI was kind enough to share some financial information with b+s about implementation costs and savings; the case study ends with an actual ROI analysis of how much RSI spent on the b+s software package, and how long it took them to recover that cost by using our software.


This post is ultimately designed to give readers a really good sense of what might otherwise be a mystifying and complex world of CRMs, contact center technology, and middleware connectors. Check out how we helped RSI transform its contact center performance, and consequently, vastly improve customer journey tracking and service delivery by implementing a solution like b+s Connects for Salesforce.