Salesforce and Cisco have announced that they will be working together



Salesforce and Cisco have announced that they will be working together to develop and market solutions for Cisco’s collaboration, IoT, and contact center platforms with Salesforce Sales Cloud, IoT Cloud, and Service Cloud.

This means that two industry leaders in the contact center, CRM space will be working in tandem, rather than in parallel, to provide natively integrated products that utilize cutting edge technology to create business opportunities heretofore unobtainable. Until now, these two companies have offered somewhat overlapping services in the contact center space, each emphasizing different service features, delivered in different ways. Going forward, these companies will be collaborating in the same market space to create a single set of native offerings designed to provide customers using those platforms unparalleled reach and control in their business environments.

Three cornerstones of business success are:

  • driving sales
  • identifying and creating marketing opportunities
  • and providing superior customer service

Advances in technology such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Cloud Computing have been changing how businesses can potentially go about pursuing success. However, until now, these technologies have been functioning in isolation, or have not been implemented because of cost, lack of infrastructure, or lack of interest. Today, things are changing. The Internet of Things has developed into an untapped ocean of data and business opportunity. It is estimated that businesses utilize less than 1% of the IoT data available to them. Artificial Intelligence, until recently, relegated to quirky experiments in R&D departments, is being deployed today to absorb and learn from the massive amounts of information already on the Internet. And, cloud computing is making it possible for businesses to take advantage of these technology solutions because they are so much cheaper to deploy and configure.

What is so groundbreaking about the Cisco, Salesforce collaboration is that the application of these technologies will be combined into a single, unified service delivery, that will be affordable, easy-to-implement, and unbelievably powerful. In fact, the fusion of these technologies is rapidly redefining what the term "customer journey" means today, and will mean tomorrow. It will soon be possible to join with customers, in their lives, and their experiences in a way that make service, sales, and marketing seamless, helpful, profitable, and appreciated. The reality is that unobtrusive, satisfying service should be the goals of any business—they are also values that maximize customer satisfaction and company profit.

We are on the verge of seeing some exciting applications of almost science fiction-like technology. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and big data applications all driving at improving customer experience, agent experience, and business profitability, are just a few tastes of what is coming. Understanding how these technologies are going to be used, and being in a position to capitalize on their value proposition must be prioritized as strategic technology objective.


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