Interview with Mike Kulik in the CRMXChange

ICMI 2017 Contact Center Expo and Conference Summary

Published by CRMXChange, June 2017

CRMXchange spoke with number of exhibitors such as Bucher + Suter onsite to learn more about their latest solutions and gain insight on where they felt the market was heading. Bucher + Suter offers its services as CTI integrators for greater efficiency, specializing in working with businesses that have Cisco Contact Center solutions and Salesforce CRM. One of their key strategies is to put all the information on the agent’s desktop for single view convenience. According to Mike Kulik, Chief Product Officer & SVP of Global Products at Bucher + Suter, there is now an even greater reason to use CTI applications since the deployment is now less costly than ever before. Mike had the following responses to our questions.

Q: How are 21st century consumers different and why do you believe that customer service as we know it needs to be reinvented?
A: Today’s consumer has evolved in a way that significantly increases the expectations placed on the companies with which they do business. Modern customers are well-informed, multimodal, busy, impatient, and now expect the same level of "me" that they get from the common social platforms they may be using already.
Companies are quickly realizing the importance of customer retention. There is a high value to reshaping customer service to be engaging and ready to handle any change in the environment. This applies whether its new interaction channels, new intelligence, or new work streams.

Q: Since the contact center is usually the customer's initial encounter with a company, what do businesses need to do to ensure that they convey a positive first impression?
A: First, give customers insight into the communication process and set expectations for how, where, and speed of the service channel. Let them feel the transparency of the organization. Then delight them by truly knowing all facets of their person relevant to the service you provide them. Be personal, engaging, inquisitive, and predictive in how you talk to them from the first interaction.

Q: How are you able to create solutions specifically formulated to reduce complexity, limit operational costs, and increase efficiency?
A: Bucher + Suter links business applications to communications systems. Our impetus is to marry the two and go further to blur the lines relative to how humans interact with these two systems. We don’t just place the most important data at users' fingertips, but also allow simple access to deeper underlying data, relevant to the operation they are performing at any given time. Our mission is essentially to reduce application clutter and complexity during the customer service function.

Q: Why is it so important for a technology partner to provide both on-site assistance with the implementation of contact center technology as well as offering ongoing support?
A: This is a cornerstone of our philosophy. As mentioned above, we believe in understanding how companies can better engage customers. Technology partners can provide a better experience and help truly to better understand a company’s needs, struggles, opportunities by engaging and building relationships with the end customer. We do things that make sense for the customer, not that make our job easy.

Q: What steps do you take to evaluate the technological and business needs of your clients?
A: We utilize discovery workshops, Agent side-by-sides, Supervisor interviews, and business owner Q&A. From these sessions, we distill information and share it with the client to ensure its accuracy and completeness. In these moments, we often find those "aha!" moments on both sides that ultimately improve the quality of the deployment and ensure customer satisfaction with both the product and Bucher + Suter as a trusted partner. 

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