Welcome to the First Installment of our Emerging Technology Series

How Emerging Technology is Very Soon Going to Redefine Business Best Practices



Welcome to the First Installment of our Emerging Technology Series

Truly seamless, one-to-one customer journey mapping has been the theoretical goal of customer service in contact center industry for quite a while now. Developments in technology are now making it increasingly realistic to provide this kind of service by utilizing technologies like Cisco’s Context Services, Salesforce’s Einstein, and IoT enabled devices like Cisco’s Jasper.

By tracking every part of a customer’s interaction with a business, and having that information at agents’ fingertips, it becomes possible not only to provide virtually perfect customer service, but also to anticipate customers’ practical needs, and even their desires. This means streamlined interactions with customers. It means that when customers need, want, or even might want further services, businesses will be able to anticipate and provide for those needs. It means that before customers even know they are ready for or interested in making purchases, businesses can make those purchase opportunities known so that customers can edify their desires and businesses can drive profits.

Being a customer can often be frustrating; system inefficiencies create a gap between delivering the products and ongoing services desired and those paid for. Because customer loyalty is so important to business success, and because that loyalty is so hard to win, being aware of customers’ experience over time is incredibly important. It is helpful to think of the totality of this experience The Customer Journey. Tracking this journey, and making sure it is as positive as possible are the cornerstones of providing the kind of customer service that creates loyalty and ultimately drives sales. Historically, absent infrastructure and information together with rapidly scaling business have made tracking customer journey quite difficult. With the advent of new technologies like IoT, Context Services, Einstein, and Cloud Services, businesses now have access to this information—if they want it, and if they are willing to take steps to extract it. After all, in today’s market, making the right decisions about which technologies to implement is the difference that makes the difference.

Businesses use Cisco and Salesforce to make it possible for them to deliver superior service while at the same time leveraging data to create business opportunities. The results of the collaboration between these companies in the customer service space are going to revolutionize what it looks like to track customer journey. Specifically, emerging technologies are positioned to transform how companies use data about customers’ journeys to drive business sales and customer satisfaction. Ultimately, these companies are redefining how companies can walk with their customers such that service is seamless and yet totally unobtrusive.

Jasper, Cisco’s IoT monitoring software, together with Salesforce’s AI system, Einstein, are going to give businesses a view of the untapped oceans of information available about things from customer preferences about when they shop, tracking and monitoring ongoing service provision tools such as trucks, washing machine parts, and consumable household products.

Let’s take a look at three use cases to get a better sense of what this all means:

3 Imaginary Case Studies

Imagine a customer who owns a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. The customer surfs to the Harley Davidson website and looks at a cool new Harley Jacket that just came out—he isn’t quite sure if he wants to buy it, so holds off. A month later, the muffler on his Harley needs replacing, so he calls Harley. The agent he’s speaking to can help him with his muffler, but also has data indicating that the customer was looking at a jacket that is now on sale. The customer has forgotten about the jacket, but the agent has the data of his search right at their fingertips. The agent reminds the customer about the jacket and alerts him to the sale. The customer ends up buying a new muffler, and goes for the jacket. The result is a win on both sides: a happy customer and an extra sale.

Consider a different scenario in which a customer has an IoT enabled furnace. The furnace alerts the manufacturer that it needs to be serviced soon and will stop working once it reaches a certain use threshold. Instead of alerting the homeowner with a message they may or may not notice, an agent calls the customer to inform them about the immanent part failure, and arranges to send a replacement part. The customer, who will soon be taking a break from a harsh winter is now concerned that the part won’t arrive in time and that the pipes in her house will freeze. But, she can now use her cell phone to track the exact location of the device throughout its entire route to her house. She gets the part just in time, installs it, and takes off for her well-earned vacation, without having to worry about damage to her home.

Think of a sales agent getting ready to make her morning calls. Her AI-driven CRM lists the sales calls in order of likelihood of a sale. She makes her way through the list and gets a good lead. Later in the day, she is going to call back to talk to a manager responsible for purchasing at that company. Just as she is about to make the call, she is alerted to the fact that the company’s current manufacturer has had an explosion at a plant that will impede supply delivery. The sales agent now goes into the meeting knowing that she has more leverage to drive up the price on her company’s services, and is in a position to offer other aligned services in view of this news. On top of it all, she is able to spin her sale’s pitch emphasizing her company’s manufacturing reliability.

These sorts of high touch, low profile, preemptive, and proactive interactions are made possible by Cisco Context Services working together with emerging technologies such as Salesforce’s Einstein, IoT enabled devices, and Big Data analysis. Getting all these distinct, emerging software platforms to work seamless together will not be easy. For this reason, Bucher + Suter is going to be providing much of the glue that is going to connect these devices in ways that will make certain that businesses have the tools they need, functioning in the way they need them, every time.

Join us in ensuring that your business gets the data it needs to do the sales it should.


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