IoT - Where will You Be When the Flood Hits?


IoT - Where will You Be When the Flood Hits?

The Internet of Things are billions and growing. Recently Cisco acquired a software platform called Jasper. Jasper will allow Cisco customers to launch, manage, and monetize IoT services to a wide range of powerful effects. Because information from so many objects will be available, control of the very structure of service offerings is changing, how those services are managed is changing, and the opportunities created by this abundance of helpful data are cropping up continuously—failing to capitalize on them because of lack of infrastructure or information availability is simply a mistake.

Cisco is envisioning Jasper as a “single pane of glass” providing a view into the IoT ecosystem that provides real time-data about how to manage customer needs, how to plan future product development, and how to manage IoT lifecycles. The ultimate goal is to create a nearly invisible, low-profile way to provide a high-touch customer service experience with fewer human assets and lower deployment costs.

Projected for third quarter, 2017, Cisco Jasper will be seamlessly integrated into the Salesforce IoT Cloud. IoT Cloud is already a powerful analytics engine capable of identifying business opportunities. Now, Cisco Jasper will give Salesforce IoT Cloud exponentially more, ready-to-use data about the IoT. With the billions of bytes of data provided by Cisco Jasper, Salesforce Einstein will be able to make accurate, real-time decisions and recommend best practice strategies.

The key to leveraging business opportunities created by IoT analysis is complex. It requires clarifying business goals and then bringing them into alignment with the most cost-effective implementations of technology possible—in this case, specifically relating to IoT investments and developing infrastructure based on those decisions. While it may come as a surprise, producing, distributing, and maintaining IoT devices is very expensive, especially if strategy decisions about the type of IoT devices to create are not aligned with actual business goals. Consequently, a clear upside in this proposition is that Cisco Jasper, together with Salesforce IoT Cloud integration, is going to provide a cheap, easy-to-implement, scalable solution by providing tools that can optimize the IoT data without requiring companies to spend lots of money on in-house solutions.

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