New Contact Center Solutions Require Strategic Partnerships


New Contact Center Solutions Require Strategic Partnerships

That’s what CDW’s Scott Petersen argues in an insightful blog post he’s just shared. Among other things, CDW specializes in business analysis and consulting aimed at optimizing business efficiency and workflow processes, and Scott’s work focuses on providing these services around contact center implementations.

He astutely points out that not only is it a good idea to go Omnichannel, but that it might simply be a necessary step to take as many of Cisco’s older products are rapidly being phased out. Ultimately, there are a number of good reasons to upgrade your Cisco software and to go Omnichannel, and CDW is certainly a great company to help strategize about which decisions to make.

The Cisco Contact Center experts at b+s totally agree with Scott, and were pleased that he recommended us in his post as being a great company to go with to help realize the implementations a company like CDW might recommend.

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