b+s Connects for Salesforce 4.0

Salesforce Lightning & Our Next Generation GUI

Every once in a while, a piece of software hits the market that really makes a difference. In 1999, Salesforce was just that: a customer service and business platform that revolutionized how companies understand, connect with, and serve their customers. Well, that software has just been completely re-envisioned: meet Lightning.

Lightning offers more than just a streamlined and efficient interface. Now, the software platform is proactive rather than just reactive. It’s mobile. It’s intelligent. With software that analyzes and anticipates, businesses will be even better able to make the right decisions at the right time about customer needs and sales opportunities. As Salesforce integrates with telephony services, making sure Salesforce users can fully harness that functionality requires an intelligent and elegant solution.

Integrating telephony services into the Salesforce CRM is one of the things Bucher + Suter does best. We love the intuitive, modern new feel of the Salesforce GUI, and wanted to match that sleek look with a gadget that creates a visually appealing, single pane of glass that perfectly matches the Lightning Experience. Fonts, colors, and layout have all been redesigned, so that our powerful gadget becomes a virtually indistinguishable addition to the Lightning GUI.

A solution like Lightning is designed to optimize information delivery so that users are provided with what they need the moment they need it. Our telephony integration gadget seamlessly embeds itself within the Lightning interface to ensure that nothing gets in the way of users being able to leverage that incredible business platform. Anything else would clutter and slow users’ Lightning Experience. At Bucher + Suter, our sensibilities are genuinely offended at that prospect! For this reason, we have made sure, not only that our gadget creates a single pane of glass with the Lightning interface, but that its look and feel are visually integrated to create a truly singular user experience.

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