Salesforce LiveMessage

It is time for businesses to enter into a new communication ecosystem.

It is time for businesses to enter into a communication ecosystem that aligns with modern customers’ actual technology habits. Salesforce’s LiveMessage has now made this possible by allowing businesses to conduct two-way text conversations.

At Dreamforce last year, the CRM giant promised that it would soon be possible to engage customers through every imaginable communication channel. Insofar as texting has rapidly become a preferred modality of communication, that promise is now a welcome reality. To accomplish this, the Salesforce recently purchased a company called HeyWire in order to add texting functionality to their already broad suite of customer engagement products.

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Salesforce LiveMessage: It is time for businesses to enter into new communication ecosystem

Implementing the software will be fast and easy as LiveMessage works through Service Cloud. Furthermore, Einstein, Salesforce’s AI engine, together with IoT monitoring technologies, will provide businesses a depth of customer knowledge and capacity for agile and penetrating communication that will render customer service beyond seamless. Utilizing this suite of products, businesses will be able, not only to anticipate customer needs, and to create opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell, but they will be able field a wide array of social media brand mentions, all through the highly personal and universally used platform of two-way text.   

LiveMessage Use Cases
Source: messagemedia, 2018

When friends and family want to connect, they are now overwhelmingly using SMS as a platform for these communications. Now, companies will be able to text with customers in just the same way. The advantages of texting are obvious: the conversations are ongoing, they are casual, they are easy, and perhaps most importantly, they are intimate. The option to initiate and conduct two-way text message conversations is the next step in customer contact.

Source: anchormobile, 2018

If the goal of tracking Customer Journey is to provide a high-touch, low-profile interaction with the right customers at the right times, then LiveMessage achieves that goal in a way that has, heretofore, been impossible. The extent to which texting facilitates communication to the betterment of the customer-business relationship cannot be understated. Customers can enter into dialogue with businesses on their own terms and at their own pace. Businesses can enter a communication space, until now, reserved for more personal interactions. The opportunity to leverage customers’ psychological attitude toward the text platform means that companies can begin to walk with clients as friends on their Customer Journey.

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