We humbly accept the SALESFORCE TRUST AWARD 2018


We humbly accept the SALESFORCE TRUST AWARD 2018

HOT NEWS: Salesforce has honored Bucher + Suter with the Salesforce TRUST Award for our b+s Connects for Salesforce products—designed to integrate Salesforce with Cisco Contact Center & Collaboration.

So what is this all about?

b+s provides a collection of middleware "Connectors" that enrich the Salesforce CRM platform & empower businesses to realize maximum value from their investment in Salesforce. Integrated environments empower call center agents to provide dazzling customer service.


The Trust Award is one of four awards (Trust, Innovation, Growth, and Equality) that Salesforce grants to companies that reflect these core Salesforce values. It is selected by the ISV/SI Alliance & Channel/Platform Management Team. Here they recognize Bucher + Suter:

  • Has a positive and long-term relationship with Salesforce
  • Continues as a long-term partner and a trustful partner with Salesforce
  • Receives positive customer reviews
  • Provides the most trusted solutions to customers
  • Remains to be a key part of the Cisco/Salesforce Strategic Alliance

This is only the second time that Salesforce recognized DACH Partners (SI/ISV) with an Award Ceremony during Salesforce WorldTour in Germany.

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This award means more than Salesforce recognizing that our products help business do better, it represents commitment to a shared goal; it represents mutual respect and appreciation; and it represents a connection and partnership that will continue to grow into the future.

Salesforce: Thank you!