Spark within Salesforce: Integration Evolved



Innovation leads to evolution, and when it comes to technology, evolution is oh so good. It means that old, less effective way of doing things are replaced by cleaner, faster, more intuitive ways of doing them. And that is just what Cisco Spark is: technology evolved.

Cisco has done an admirable job integrating new modes of communication into existing communication platforms: chat, IM, video chat, social media—this is complicated stuff. However, not surprisingly, all of these things sometimes don’t work together as seamless as could be hoped.

In part, real evolution requires a paradigm shift, it requires getting back to basics and starting from the ground up. This is what makes Cisco Spark so special. This is what sets it apart as distinctive, and simply better. With Spark, the technological and physical boundaries associated with sharing information in a virtual context have faded, if they haven’t altogether disappeared.

What!? You might exclaim, could possibly make Spark better?! Well, the answer is of course: integration!

Enter Bucher + Suter. What we do is make it possible to integrate Spark into Salesforce so that both platforms can simultaneously be fully utilized without compromising the functionality of either. Our integration provides Spark functionality within the Salesforce GUI. This means that chat, video chat, and call processing will all be available without needing to flip constantly between windows.

Ultimately, by tremendously facilitating how communication occurs, the interface experience for everyone involved is transformed into an open, easy, and transparent, virtual information exchange space. That’s what Spark does; that’s what Bucher + Suter helps Spark to do.

Because communication evolves constantly, we plan to to keep our Spark connector as up to date as possible. Click here to get in touch with us and get the scoop on everything there is to know today about this connector, and stay tuned as further updates and information are released.

What we’re talking about here is a whole new way to communicate.


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