Mike Kulik shares some insights on the Telecom Reseller podcast

Mike Kulik

Bucher + Suter CPO Mike Kulik was recently invited to appear on the Telecom Reseller podcast with Doug Green. On the podcast, Mike explains the seamless functionality of the b+s CRM Connectors for Cisco Contact Center and the far-reaching benefits of CTI-CRM integration with a customer use case that most of us can surely relate to.

Mike also gives us a sneak peek at a brand-new b+s partnership that’s going to amplify our repertoire of integrations beyond the most widely used CRM systems.

Learn more about Bucher + Suter’s exciting product pipeline by listening to Mike’s interview on the Telecom Reseller podcast.

“Bucher + Suter provides Cisco users strong CRM choices” was published by Telecom Reseller on the 6th July 2019. Subscribe to Telecom Reseller through your favourite podcast platform or listen to the episode via the link below.


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