Training Webinar: b+s Connects for MS Dynamics 5

Online Webex


Thank you for your interest in our Microsoft Dynamics webinar. 

We presented the latest release of b+s Connects for MS Dynamics 5. Lightyears worth of experience and best practices are the foundation of the freshly redesigned, visually native, b+s Connects for MS Dynamics… Now compatible with the Dynamics Unified Interface.

This release embodies the Microsoft mission to empower your workforce to put the customer at the core of your service and includes:

  • Support for Microsoft’s Unified Interface.
  • One integration product for browser-based Dynamics 365 and Unified Service Desk.
  • No hardware required. b+s Connects runs effortlessly as an MS Dynamics managed solution.
  • Refreshingly simple user experience. No more pop-ups, no app switching. Just smooth, integrated customer interactions.