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With the right middleware solutions, employees can work quickly and effortlessly so they can free-up time to focus on the things that really matter: providing superior customer service.


CRM Connectors for Cisco Contact Center


Salesforce Integration CC

MS Dynamics Integration

SAP Integration

Siebel Integration

Oracle SC Integration

ServiceNow Integration

Cisco Finesse Integration

CRM Connectors for Cisco Unified Communications


Salesforce Integration UCM


Supervisor Desktops

Bucher + Suter has developed several applications to provide supervisors with the information and functionality they need to optimally manage their teams.

b+s Reports for CUIC
Supervisor Management Console (SMC)


Agent Desktops

These powerful tools enable agents to deliver excellent customer experiences across all channels and touchpoints.

b+s Fusion for Finesse

Taking care of business is taking care of customers.

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