Professional Services

Bucher + Suter Connectors are more than just CTI integrations tools, they are business solutions designed to streamline workflow so you can capitalize on opportunity. Composed of dedicated and experienced professionals, the Bucher + Suter Deployment Team exists to make certain your technology solutions are appropriately selected, optimally designed, and correctly implemented.

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Business Profiling

Information sharing and deployment experience are the cornerstones of successful implementation. Bucher + Suter offers pre-sales needs analysis, design consultation, installation, implementation, cut-over support, and Project Management, both pre- and post- sale, so migrations are as smooth as possible.

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Efficient Implementation

Leveraging decades of Cisco Contact Center & Collaboration CTI integration experience, b+s has developed a highly efficient implementation process to guarantee smooth, rapid, and successful deployments. With highly experienced support, training, and deployment teams, Bucher + Suter provides the right assistance right where you need it.

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Bucher + Suter offers training programs designed to help your employees make the most of each and every Bucher + Suter CTI integration. We offer, customized, on-site & web-based training designed to ensure administrators and users develop the skills needed to optimally leverage functionality our products provide. 

«In VELUX, we try to work with the best partners. With Bucher + Suter we have found the perfect match for our Cisco Contact Center. With the ability to always put the customer in the front and make sure to understand their needs, Bucher + Suter always delivers professional and strong solutions.»

Gert Thrane Christensen, Group IT Governance, Velux

100% Cisco Focused

Dedicated to Cisco and recognized as one of their most trusted systems CTI integrators.


120+ Certified Engineers

We are Cisco and contact center gurus. We do magic when it comes to complex tech.

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20+ Awards

Continually recognized as providing the highest quality products & service excellence.

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Swiss Precision

You know what they say about Swiss clocks? Well, the same applies to our technology solutions.


World-Class Service

We prioritize and take pride in providing world-renowned, around-the-clock service.

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Strong Partner Network

Industry leaders since 1981, Bucher + Suter has many affiliate partners that provide you a competitive advantage.

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