b+s Reports for CUIC

A user-friendly reporting solution for Cisco’s Contact Center Enterprise (CCE)

Get all your reporting needs met with b+s Reports for CUIC. This Cisco Unified Intelligence Center software add-on is an out-of-the-box solution providing supervisors with comprehensive, customizable, and easy-to-view historical and real-time reports.

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Optimizing is impossible without accessible, relevant information. b+s Reports gathers & synthesizes every bit of necessary data and presents it so supervisors can act decisively.

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To be useful, information must be meaningfully organized. Reports for CUIC takes incredibly complex data and presents it in an easy-to-read visual format so the right move is obvious.

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Providing responsive and efficient services is made possible through contact center optimization. b+s Reports for CUIC is where the effort to ensure the very best customer service begins.

Reporting Done Right

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Out-of-the-Box Drilldowns

Easy-to-access data analytics makes it possible to reveal trends and patterns otherwise invisible

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Advanced Filters

Filtering on any field makes examining company- and product-specific data a breeze

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A Variety of Multichannel Reports

Admins can simultaneously evaluate all interaction types in order to optimally allocate contact center resources

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Predefined Real-Time Graphs

Provide configurable, at-a-glance operational insight for admins operating in unusual volume situations

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Data Export Interface

Export data to third-party systems—like CRMs—to enable unified, multi-system reporting within a single interface

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Online Template Help

Get easy-to-understand, online information about templates, equations, & more, on every open file

Rapid Implementation

Get it installed fast so your IT can get to work

You know what’s worse than a software package that is difficult to use? One that’s hard to install & configure. CUIC can be complicated. We’ve taken out the guesswork with a software package that installs fast and simple.

No need to become a CUIC Expert

Pre-configured? You bet!

If you think you need to be an expert to use CUIC correctly, you’re probably right. Fortunately, we’ve created a product that gives you all the CUIC functionality without requiring you be a Cisco Jedi. It’s that easy.

Feature Set

  • Agent Login / Log-out
  • Not Ready Reason Code
  • Team Summary Performance
  • Performance Measurement
  • Real Time and Intraday for Dashboards
  • CC Call Classification
  • Call Flow Analysis
  • Precision Queue Analysis
  • Skill Group/Precision Queue Membership
  • Administrative Configuration
  • Performance Measurement
  • Recaller Analysis
  • CC Inbound Handled Call Detail
  • Direct Call Classification
  • Search Customer Call Detail
  • Call Details (Contact Summary Detail, Contact History Detail, Call Type Detail, Agent Direct Call Detail, Outbound Campaign Detail)

Resources & Online Help

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