Custom Toolbars For Any Occasion: One More Way We Do More

The Challenge

There are very few technology solutions that do everything every customer needs, in just the way they need it—and this isn’t likely to change in the foreseeable future. The complexity of technology, together with the continuously changing business landscape, make it such that improvements to existing technology solutions must meet as many possible combinations of customer needs as possible. Expecting a perfect software fix is neither feasible or even reasonable. 

Custom Toolbars For Any Occasion: One More Way We Do More

b+s Connects for Salesforce is so unusual because it offers businesses a customizable toolbar that can be set into the top and bottom of our gadget.

Patrik Riesen, Product Owner, Bucher + Suter

Two Use Cases

There are a range of gadgets on the market that facilitate CRM, telephony integration. The question is: why is Bucher + Suter’s product the wiser choice? Setting aside the fact that b+s is a trusted Cisco partner, and is recognized as an outstanding software provider by companies like Salesforce, the Bucher + Suter gadget offers a significant, concrete advantage to businesses interested in getting the very most out of their middleware connectors.

One of our most popular toolbar add-ons is for call recording software. Without expensive customization, our gadget can quickly be modified to feature a set of recording tools within the gadget itself. With access to software like Calabrio®, agents can record customer journey information into Salesforce with the touch of a button. The recording features even allows agents to do such things such as pause the recording to protect customer data. This information is stored in Salesforce and can be brought up and played at any time.

Yet another use case involves a different configurable toolbar feature called Real Time View. This feature makes it possible for agents to check whether or not specific agents are available. This makes it possible for agents to do things like identifying whether or not a product expert is available for a consultation. Real Time View can also be helpful with ensuring continuity of customer service. Customers often call back after having tried and failed to resolve complicated issues; connecting them with the first agent they spoke to will likely lead to the fastest issue resolution. With Real Time View, as soon as the customer calls back a second or third time, the responding agent can check whether or not the original agent is free. Access to this information will likely speed issue resolution and provide a sense of continuity to a frustrated customer.

The Takeaway

Take Away

These are just two great examples of how our customizable toolbar spaces can optimize contact center performance. Ultimately, your wishes, rather than software limitations, should define the scope of its use. Bucher + Suter is the only connector on the market that can offer this sort of functionality. Where seconds are dollars, this is a difference that makes a difference.