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21. - 17. Oktober 2019


Now at Work 2019 – ServiceNow

16th & 17th October, 2019 in London

ServiceNow is here, ready to provide service, now.

Our ServiceNow connector optimizes and streamlines workflow & customer service for businesses running Cisco CTI solutions together with the ServiceNow CSM. Fusing these products with the Bucher + Suter gadget makes these two great platforms, even better.

This year, ServiceNow is holding its annual Now at Work Event in London on October 16th and 17th. As sponsors this year, we’re going to be there, showcasing our brand-new b+s Connects for ServiceNow 3.0.

Take part and discover what ServiceNow does for business, and how Bucher + Suter has further optimized the ServiceNow solution for you.

Find out more about how b+s Connects for ServiceNow makes a difference.

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