Orchestrate connected, omnichannel retail experiences

Orchestrate connected, omnichannel retail experiences

Personalized journeys on a unified cloud platform

Account for everything all at once. That’s the challenge facing retailers tasked with delivering meaningful interactions across diverse channels and audiences. What’s more, today’s customer journey features heavy crossover between service and sales. Bucher + Suter helps retailers bring it all together in a scalable platform for omnichannel orchestration.


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➜  Create engaging digital experiences

➜  Guide customer research and discovery

➜  Generate actionable customer insights

➜  Personalize every step of the journey

Omnichannel Journey Orchestration

Guide personalized customer journeys

Guide personalized customer journeys

Automatically route customers to the right place and make it easy for customers to connect through the channels they prefer. Webex Connect works with existing contact centers, customer sites, and other backend systems to bring all of these experiences together.

Webex Connect

Message with customers across channels

Frictionless messaging for retail customers across RCS, SMS, WhatsApp, Apple Chat, Facebook Messages, and more.

Unify backend systems for consistent personalization

Integrate with CRM (Salesforce, Oracle, etc.), Webex Contact Center and other business systems.

Increase satisfaction, not system complexity

Rely on flexible APIs and low-code tools that reduce development cycles, cut costs, and complement existing IT roadmaps.

Customer Service & Contact Center

Know the customers you serve

Know the customers you serve

Make the customer’s first choice for customer service their best choice, whether that’s self-service, calling customer care, or otherwise.

Give every customer white-glove treatment

Deliver personalized pre- and post-sale service that reflects each customer’s profile, history, and preferences.

Create additional value at key service moments

Identify tailored cross-sell and upsell follow-ups that allow customers to get even more value out of their patronage.

Put agents a step ahead on every case

Give agents recommended solutions and next steps right at their fingertips—all based on each customer’s profile and history.

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Artificial Intelligence

Automate with intelligent bots

Automate with intelligent bots

Build self-service chatbot experiences capable of automating frequently asked questions, guiding customers to additional resources, and seamlessly handing issues off to a live agent when needed.

Conversational AI

Gather and learn from valuable customer data

With AI, each chatbot interaction creates valuable data that can be used to deepen engagement, improve outcomes, and even generate additional revenue.

Master the live-agent handoff

The worst chatbot interaction is one that results in a dead-end for the customer. Build intelligent bots that make the escalation to live agent chat frictionless.

Free up agents to focus on what matters

Automate high-volume, repeat inquiries, freeing up customer service resources and reducing agent turnover and burnout.

Reporting & Analytics

Get deep insights into how customers interact

Get deep insights into how customers interact

Act on the data that matters from across the entire retail operation, including customer, employee efficiency, and essential contact center indicators.

Costumer interaction

Holistic contact center data in one place

Bring ops data from any source into one data model rich with actionable intel.

Omnichannel reporting in real-time

Simultaneously evaluate all interaction types to efficiently allocate contact center resources.

Share reports with key decision-makers

Build the comprehensive and consumable reports that business leaders want to see.

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