Webex Contact Center

Webex Contact Center

Webex Contact Center: the future of cloud-based customer service

Elevate your customer communication with Webex Contact Center, the foundation of our public cloud-hosted solutions. Discover an intelligent, omnichannel, full-journey platform that’s setting the gold standard for cloud-based CX.

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Industry-leading CX communications

Industry-leading CX communications

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, it’s not just about keeping up with competitors—it’s about setting the pace. With Webex Contact Center, you’re not merely reacting to industry trends; you’re shaping them. Harness the power of innovative technology to consistently lead the forefront in customer experience and ensure unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Enrich the agent experience

Enrich the agent experience

The lifeblood of your contact center; your agents need tools to help them succeed wherever they are. Tools like a unified agent desktop built right into the CRM, where call logging, screen pop and click-to-dial are available out of the box.

Our CRM integrations for Webex Contact Center are available for:


CRM and Enterprise Application Integration
Pioneering customer experiences

Pioneering customer experiences

Manage your customers and their experience from start to finish with exactly the types of interactions they need, where they look for them, with:

  • Intelligent, skill-based routing: Ensure every customer is directed to the agent most qualified to meet their needs.
  • Holistic omnichannel customer management: Seamlessly manage customer experiences from initiation to resolution, across communication channels.
  • AI-powered virtual agents: Navigate customer interactions with intelligent, automated assistance.
Empower your administrative teams and supervisors

Empower your administrative teams and supervisors

An out-of-the-box contact center solution that’s highly customizable to the needs and constraints of your business, Webex Contact Center has the management tools to optimize everything from your interaction routing to your agent workflows. Additionally, features like silent monitor, allow your supervisors to stay in tune with the real-time needs of your agents and customers.

PLUS, when you choose Webex Contact Center from Bucher + Suter – you can access our Supervisor Management Console – a giant step in intuitive contact center management.

Supervisor Management Console



Routing and queue management

Ensure every call reaches the right agent, no matter where they are, optimizing customer satisfaction and query resolution.


Let your customers queue without having to sit on hold, by offering them a callback when an agent’s ready for them.

Omnichannel support

Whether it’s voice, SMS, chat, email, or social media, interact with customers on their preferred platform.

Cloud reliability and scalability

99.99% uptime combines with auto-scaling for increased call volumes, to ensure optimal performance even during peak times.

Security and compliance

End-to-end encryption and GDPR, HIPAA, and other regulatory compliance ensure your communications are always up to standard.

Supervisor features

Empower your supervisors with call monitoring, recording, and barge-in functionality. Helping make every interaction a success.

Connect beyond boundaries: Webex Contact Center at your service!

Revolutionizing customer interactions with seamless connectivity, unparalleled reliability, and intelligent insights – experience the future of communication with Webex Contact Center.

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