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Platform Engineer Azure

As an Azure Platform Engineer, your role centers around implementing, deploying, and maintaining Azure infrastructure and platforms. You


Bensheim, Germany, remote

Technical Architect Azure

As a Technical Architect in Azure you will primarily be responsible for designing and implementing Azure-based solutions that


Bensheim, Germany, remote

Customer Success Advisor

Exceptional communication skills and ability to influence others. Ability to work nights and weekends, depending on assigned shift.


USA, remote

Senior Cisco Webex / UC Consultant

In this role, you will oversee the migration of projects from the sales team to the delivery team



Join the Bucher + Suter family

At Bucher + Suter we know we can only be as good as each of our team members. That’s why we select only the most qualified and passionate candidates, and then pour our resources into them.

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Top Company Award 2024

Top Company Award 2024

We are proud to announce that Kununu has honored us with the Top Company Award. Only about 5% of companies qualify for this award each year, based on the criteria set by Kununu.




“Building a great company isn’t just about getting the best people, it’s about creating a work culture that fosters friendship, work-life balance, and professional growth. At Bucher + Suter we make a serious effort to ensure our employees are happy.”

Martin Wüthrich, CEO, Bucher + Suter

“If you want to be your own entrepreneur, Bucher + Suter will fit you perfectly.”

What our employees say about our culture

What our employees say about our culture
What we're looking for

What we’re looking for

  • Creative and driven individuals who pride themselves in providing superior results
  • Thinkers, interested in collaborating with, and learning from, industry experts
  • Employees committed to developing the highest quality products and providing outstanding customer service
  • Teammates who believe in us as much as we believe in them

What we value

Self-starters, flexible enough to work in groups or independently

Investing in employees in order to develop the trust, reciprocity, and skills we all need to succeed

A harmonious work-life balance that supports commitment to family and personal health as critical elements of a flourishing career


Noser Young

Noser Young

Noser Young, part of the Noser Group, is dedicated to helping young talents grow through apprenticeships. The goal is to give apprentices the basic knowledge and skills they need, to become valuable team members at Bucher + Suter.

Noser Young website

Noser Young



Upon completion of their Noser Young apprenticeship, Bucher + Suter remain strongly committed to personnel development.

Benefits to apprentices

  • Our unique training concept allows you interesting, fulfilling, and lifelong career opportunities.
  • The start of your professional life will be easier because you can exchange your ideas with more than 80 apprentices.
  • Your team of trainers will support you in your professional and personal development. We offer you intercultural exchange and the opportunity to work from abroad.


Thanks to our dedicated vocational trainers, and our unwavering quality standards apprentices will be trained to become true IT specialists.

Benefits to partners

  • You can focus on your core competencies thanks to the greatly reduced supervision of your apprentices.
  • We train your apprentices to become responsible, productive and operationally ready.
  • You’ll support recruitment in the industry to counteract the shortage of skilled IT workers.
  • The apprentices will receive deep insight with practical relevance from the companies of the Noser Group.
  • We act as an honest and forthright contact for associations, institutions, parents and authorities.


With our breadth of competencies, Noser Young cover the entire project lifecycle. From strategy to implementation and testing, they combine the latest technologies and current software development standards with their apprentices. Their experienced project managers will accompany you during the whole project and empower the apprentices to implement today’s high standards.

What Noser Young can do

  • Software development
  • Software QA
  • User experience / user design
  • Information security
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