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At Bucher + Suter we know we can only be as good as each and every one of our team members. That's why we select only the most qualified and passionate candidates, and then pour our resources into them.

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Current Job Openings

Delivery Project Manager


Bucher + Suter Headquaters in Switzerland

Contact Center Solution Engineer

Switzerland and Germany

Bucher + Suter Headquaters in SwitzerlandBucher + Suter Office in Germany

Salesforce Pre-Sales Engineer


Innovation Sales Consultant

Switzerland and Germany

Bucher + Suter Office in GermanyBucher + Suter Headquaters in Switzerland

Salesforce DevOps Systems Engineer


Customer Service Engineer

Cleveland Ohio, USA

Customer Service Engineer

Switzerland and Germany

Bucher + Suter Headquaters in SwitzerlandBucher + Suter Office in Germany


With over 160 employees, we are a relatively small Switzerland-based company, with offices all over the world. Because of our size, we all work side-by-side in a fast-paced work environment brimming with opportunities to take on new projects, learn new roles, and develop a wide range of skills.

We value

  • Self-starters, flexible enough to work in groups or independently
  • Investing in employees in order to develop the trust, reciprocity, and skills we all need to succeed
  • A harmonious work-life balance that supports commitment to family and personal health as critical elements of a flourishing career


What we are looking for

  • Creative and driven individuals who pride themselves in providing superior results
  • Thinkers, interested in collaborating with, and learning from, industry experts
  • Employees committed to developing the highest quality products and providing outstanding customer service
  • Teammates who believe in us as much as we believe in them

«Building a great company isn’t just about getting the best people, it’s about creating a work culture that fosters friendship, work-life balance, and professional growth. At Bucher + Suter we make a serious effort to ensure our employees are happy.»

Martin Wüthrich, CEO, Bucher + Suter

«Establishing the right business culture involves more than just getting the best, most motivated people; it’s about fostering a sense of excitement and play. When people have fun in their work, they are going to be more creative, work harder, and work better.»

Stefan Pfammatter, CTO, Bucher + Suter

Within the Noser Group, the company "Noser Young" is dedicated to apprenticeship trainings.

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Employees Software Developers, System Engineers

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