b+s Connects ROI Calculator

b+s Connects ROI Calculator

Calculate your savings with an intelligent CTI solution from Bucher + Suter.

b+s Connects offers benefits far beyond improved agent workflows that enhance the contact center customer’s experience. You’ll also save time and money on every interaction. See how much you could save below, with our interactive ROI calculator.

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ROI calculator

Contact Center Metrics

Days open for business

Number of days out of 365 that your contact center runs

Calls connected per day

Average number of total calls taken per day

% of calls connected to agents

Excluding IVR self service and abandoned

Avg agent idle time per day (in minutes)

Unplanned time your agents spend waiting for calls

Agent hourly salary

Remember to include benefits (e.g. healthcare, retirement)

% of calls with a known caller, matched in CRM

Not all calls will match and pop

Outbound calls per day

Number of calls your contact center makes per day

# of agents that can handle voice & omnichannel

Agents capable of handling phone calls, emails, chats, etc.

Anticipated % reduction in unplanned idle time due to omnichannel support

Where available, with omnichannel support, agents can handle email and chat during lulls in telephone traffic

Seconds saved per call

(ranges are customer averages)

Click-to-dial vs manual dialing

Click to dial is faster and more accurate than manual dialing

Screen pop

# of seconds it would have taken the agent to verbally identify caller and pull up the CRM record

Unified desktop

Time saved per call by not having to juggle windows



Total hours saved


Total $ saved

$ 0

Saving in hours with click to dial


$ saved from click to dial

$ 0

Saving in hours with screen pop


$ saved from screen pop

$ 0

Saving in hours of a unified desktop


$ saved with unified desktop

$ 0

Saving in hours by using omnichannel integration


$ saved with omnichannel agents

$ 0

The cost savings of b+s Connects represented in the ROI calculator is for illustrative purposes only, and not guaranteed. ROI will depend on the accuracy of the data you input.

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