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b+s Connects CTI – simply the best Cisco Contact Center to Salesforce integration

Empower your contact center agents with relevant customer information, in the right place, at the right time so they can focus on resolving inquiries, even before the point of first contact.

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Experience – Salesforce integration for Cisco Contact Center

Empower your agents to exceed your customer’s expectations

Empower your agents to exceed your customer’s expectations

The difference between good and great service often lies with your contact center agents. Empower your teams to provide consistently outstanding customer experiences with a Salesforce CTI integration for Cisco Contact Center like b+s Connects.

Your agents need customer information, and they need it in a consumable and timely fashion. With a combination of screen-pops, automated record creation, and wrap-up reasons, they’re always served the details they need to best your customer. And for the moments when they need extra help, they’ll always know who’s available to help.

Exceptional experiences start before the interactions begin.

Salesforce AppExchange Listing

The unified agent UI powered by an exception Salesforce CTI integration

Incoming call with screen-pop
Supervisor view
Recording control (with Calabrio or Verint)
Agent team real-time display
Omnichannel with email
Omnichannel with chat

Agents get everything they need to deliver outstanding, focused customer experiences from inside the Salesforce UI.

Reporting, Analytics and Supervisor Views

The complete supervisor overview

The complete supervisor overview

With b+s Connects for Salesforce, we provide tools for the whole contact center team in a highly optimized interface. Treat your supervisors to an in-depth overview to help them manage their crew and get the insights they need to run a tight ship. Silent monitoring, barge, team messages, and a dedicated reporting UI combine to ensure supervisors always know they’re moving toward customer excellence.

Empowering contact center CX

Integrate Cisco CCE/CCX into Salesforce with a powerful, omnichannel CTI solution

Integrate Cisco CCE/CCX into Salesforce with a powerful, omnichannel CTI solution

Assisting a customer through chat while simultaneously addressing an incoming email from the website? With b+s Connects, it’s seamless. Navigate diverse customer scenarios effortlessly, all without leaving Salesforce.

Connects makes CRM integrations possible in minutes, not years, allowing businesses to create efficient agent workflows and quickly deliver a better overall experience to their end customers. Agents can continue to live in the CRM they already know and love, while enhancing it with an enterprise-class Contact Center routing engine, without requiring significant time off-queue for training.

Salesforce AppExchange review

Bucher + Suter has truly been one of the most impressive and innovative tools that we’ve integrated in our Salesforce environment. It’s really the most superior in CTI and with their latest update, there is so much growth for your end-users, along with Admins. It has such a sleek and simple UI, along with their new record-style integration settings – they just get better!

Salesforce AppExchange review

Amp up your sales with outbound and support for Salesforce Sales Engagement

Easy and accessible outbound calling for your agents

Easy and accessible outbound calling for your agents

Bucher + Suter transforms contact center challenges into solutions, maximizing the potential of your communication and CRM platforms. For your outbound teams: elevate their Salesforce Sales Engagement (formerly High Velocity Sales) experience, and inspire them to sales greatness – one call after another. And outbound calling is a breeze with click-to-dial and speed lists eliminating misdials.

Feature set

Agent state control

Unified Cisco reporting for all interactions

Agent to agent record sharing

Note taking in gadget

Supervisor controls & views

Click-to-dial phone numbers in Salesforce records

Transcription support, empowering Salesforce Einstein

Check out the factsheet for the full feature set

Case Studies

Together with our customer Daktronics, Bucher + Suter won a Salesforce Partner Innovation Award for our approach to providing better contact center customer service, fast, by leveraging data stored in Salesforce, at the point of contact.

Read the case study Daktronics and the power of intelligent data

We teamed up with Frost & Sullivan and our customer, Mercalis, to learn how they’re leveraging technology in the contact center to enhance their customer engagement and differentiate in the healthcare market.

Read the case study Optimize customer engagement with Mercalis

RSI use b+s Connects for Salesforce to streamline interactions between their Cisco Contact Center and their Salesforce CRM. Download the case study to learn about how that decision transformed their workflows and their contact center ROI.

Read the case study Republic services (RSI) with b+s Connects for Salesforce

ROI Calculator

The contact center is no longer seen as a cost center, but a vital cog in your customer support strategy. Learn how much you could save on your inbound and outbound interactions with b+s Connects.

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