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b+s Connects is the simplest way to provide a unified agent desktop inside ServiceNow

An instantly ready, out-of-the-box ServiceNow integration for Cisco Contact Center that equips agents with the customer information they need with lightning speed.

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The agent experience

Ensure the best experience for your agents and customers

Ensure the best experience for your agents and customers

Discover a sleek, user-centric interface packed with features essential for delivering top-notch customer service. Our CRM integration significantly enhances agent performance, leading to elevated customer satisfaction.

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Supervisor tools

Only the best for your supervisors

Only the best for your supervisors

Your contact center supervisors need a holistic perspective of all interactions. With b+s Connects for ServiceNow, we offer supervisors insights into every agent-customer engagement, including KPIs, real-time chat conversation, and up-to-date customer data.


Easy-peesy simultaneous handling of multiple customers with omnichannel support

Easy-peesy simultaneous handling of multiple customers with omnichannel support

b+s Connects for ServiceNow empowers your agents to efficiently manage multiple customer interactions working seamlessly with ServiceNow’s Advanced Work Assignment to distribute work items among your teams. With omnichannel capabilities, they can seamlessly handle chat, call, and email requests concurrently without stress. Admin-set guidelines further streamlines your agents’ workflows.


Inbound call with screen pop
Supervisor features
New incident creation
Consult and transfer
Create a call note
Real-time agent display

Snappy incident resolution, efficient agents, and happy customers. All from a unified ServiceNow desktop.

Feature set

Transfer & multi-call


Cisco Mobile Agent support

Activity comment field inside the gadget

Support for Advanced Work Assignment (Federation)

Configurable lookup on all customer-related objects

Webex CC <> Microsoft Teams presence sync

Check out the factsheet for the full feature set

ROI Calculator

The contact center is no longer seen as a cost center, but a vital cog in your customer support strategy. Learn how much you could save on your inbound and outbound interactions with b+s Connects.

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