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Integrate Webex or Cisco Contact Center into Microsoft Dynamics

Deliver precisely what your customers desire, while anticipating their future needs, by equipping your agents with a sophisticated, seamlessly embedded Dynamics-based omnichannel desktop with Webex or Cisco Contact Center.

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A powerful, customer-focused, agent desktop

A powerful, customer-focused, agent desktop

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics with Cisco or Webex Contact Center, and give your agents everything they need to wow your customers.

b+s Connects is available on Microsoft AppSource.

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Delivering exceptional experiences starts before the point of contact with Dynamics 365

Providing better agent and customer experiences

Providing better agent and customer experiences

Your agents need focus in order for them to make the most out of their customer interactions. With a Dynamics integration solution like b+s Connects, your agents have everything they need to prioritize handling your customers and their concerns in a timely but personalized fashion, above all else.

It’s agent experience done right. It’s agent experience that empowers better, more efficient CX.

Automate your interaction data capture and improve your supervisors’ workflows

Supervisor insights - a key to improved efficiency

Supervisor insights – a key to improved efficiency

Dynamics integration for Webex and Cisco Contact Center with b+s Connects ensures that data is automatically captured at every turn and every interaction to intelligently support your supervisors’ actions. Give them the insights that help them optimize their teams and their workloads.


Save time on every call with best-in-class Dynamics integration from b+s Connects

Ensuring success for your outbound teams

Ensuring success for your outbound teams

Your sales and outbound service teams have a lot on their plates.

Make life a little simpler for them with a Dynamics 365 integration solution like b+s Connects. Our Webex or Cisco Contact Center to Microsoft Dynamics integration makes manually typing every phone number a thing of the past, and that means no more typos or accidentally misplacing calls.

Whether your outbound teams have long lists to follow-up with or your inbound teams need to be able to reach out to the occasional customer or teammate, every contact is now but a click away, with b+s Connects.

Discover the benefits of b+s Connects for Microsoft Dynamics.

Thanks to our partner Bucher + Suter’s b+s Connects solution and Microsoft Dynamics 365, customer service reps can deliver personalized care through the communication channel of their choice while saving time on every interaction. Through global availability on Microsoft AppSource, the b+s Connects unified contact center agent desktop can deliver exceptional customer experiences worldwide.

Yvonne Muench, Sr. Director - Marketplace & ISV Journey, Microsoft

The Agent’s Dynamics 365 Unified UI

Inbound call with screen-pop
Team real-time display (Finesse only)
Directory search
Consult and transfer
Speed dial
New Case on incoming call (Finesse only)

Take the hassle of multiple apps from your agents, provide them with a unified desktop, and let them focus on their customers.

Key features

Agent state control

Seamless transfer of IVR & call data

Real-time display based on Finesse data


Configurable lookup on all customer objects

Supervisor features

Webex CC <> Microsoft Teams presence sync

Check out the fact sheet for a detailed feature list

ROI Calculator

The contact center is no longer seen as a cost center, but a vital cog in your customer support strategy. Learn how much you could save on your inbound and outbound interactions with b+s Connects.

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  • b+s Connects for Microsoft Dynamics (CCE) demo

  • b+s Connects for Microsoft Dynamics (CCX) demo

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