Unify your healthcare contact center, collaboration, and business communications in the cloud

Unify your healthcare contact center, collaboration, and business communications in the cloud

A cloud-hosted service platform your patients, employees, and partners can rely on

People rely on healthcare companies to protect their wellbeing. The service they receive can mean all the difference in terms of personal, family, and even financial health. In such a fluid and highly regulated space, meeting this exceptional standard of care can be difficult. Bucher + Suter builds adaptable, cloud contact center solutions capable of meeting these ever-changing demands.

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Data sovereignty and security

Protect your patients and their data

Protect your patients and their data

Trust is everything, especially in healthcare. Keep all of your sensitive data highly secure with a privately hosted cloud solution that’s owned and operated just for your enterprise.

Private Cloud Solutions

Rely on high-security data centers

Privately hosted environments that are optimized for highly available business applications.

Improve trust and patient outcomes

Give patients the confidence they need to share the details that pave the way for timely care and early interventions.

Stay certified & 100% compliant

Our platform meets the highest industry standards, including HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 270001, and more.

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Supporting patients across the entirety of their journey

Be there - right where patients need you

Be there – right where patients need you

Contact center efficiency doesn’t have to come at the expense of patient experience. With a CPaaS solution from Bucher + Suter, you can manage all patient and member interactions—across all channels—from one powerful cloud platform.

Webex Connect

Ease the agent handoff

Transfer customers from automated channels to live-agent interactions without disruption or delay.

Streamline appointments

Let patients book, reschedule, and cancel appointments on their own. Send automated reminders via SMS, WhatsApp, and other channels.

Elevate virtual care

Provide high-quality care for patients on digital channels, with seamless handoffs to health professionals when necessary.

Webex Contact Center

Deliver personalized care across the contact center

Deliver personalized care across the contact center

From industry-leading data privacy and security measures, to giving agents the tools and insights they need to deliver empathetic care, Webex Contact Center is the leading contact center solution for the healthcare industry.

Webex Contact Center

Reduce hold times

Orchestrate agents and caseload to reduce transfers and resolve problems faster.

Route patients right

Connect patients with the right resource via voice, email, chat, SMS, and more.

Reduce cost and complexity

The Webex Platform is an all-in-one ecosystem for customer communication, so you only pay for what you need.

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Salesforce integrations

Salesforce integrations built for healthcare

Salesforce integrations built for healthcare

Thanks to powerful Salesforce connectors, you can seamlessly embed cloud contact center functionality into your existing Salesforce infrastructure. Bucher + Suter Connects integrates Cisco and Webex Contact Center with both Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Service Cloud Voice.

Salesforce integration

Customer reference

Mercalis - formerly Trialcard

Mercalis – formerly Trialcard

Mercalis partnered with Bucher + Suter to improve their customer service operations, resulting in reduced call waiting times, increased call resolutions, and improved operational efficiency. Their partnership underscores the importance of both technological advancements and employee engagement in optimizing patient care and health outcomes.

Case study

Health insurance

Garner trust and build lasting relationships with a customer-first service strategy.

AOK’s customer success story

Hospitals & medical groups

Scale service infrastructure across locations so service excellence keeps pace with growth.

Pharmaceutical companies

Build a true customer-centric approach to customer service across all digital properties.

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