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363Service Cloud Voice Integration Service Cloud Voice Integration

b+s Connects – unifying Cisco Contact Center and Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

Bridge the gap between Salesforce Service Cloud Voice and Cisco or Webex Contact Center and with b+s Connects, and offer tailored, AI-supported customer experiences that best reflect your company’s customer service commitments.

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The Salesforce Service Cloud Voice unified agent desktop

Discover why hundreds of contact centers trust b+s Connects to help their agents deliver outstanding customer service and help them get the most from their contact center and Salesforce investments.

b+s Connects for Service Cloud Voice is available from the Salesforce AppExchange.

Salesforce AppExchange

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Agent experience

The unified agent desktop

The unified agent desktop

Increase your agents’ efficiency and your customer’s satisfaction by integrating your Cisco or Webex Contact Center with Salesforce using b+s Connects for Service Cloud Voice. With b+s Connects, your agents get the tools they need before, during, and after interaction to help them remain focused on their number one priority. Truly outstanding contact center customer experience starts with your agents! Equip them with the tools to succeed.

The unified agent UI

Built into the Salesforce Omni-widget
A 360-degree view of the customer
Real-time transcription
Salesforce as the single source of truth

Combining the world’s leading contact center routing from Cisco with the Salesforce’s next-generation Service Cloud Voice platform for highly-efficient agents.

Customer service support through AI

Unburden your agents during customer contact with Salesforce Einstein

Unburden your agents during customer contact with Salesforce Einstein

Use transcription to intelligently capture your caller interactions in real-time, in-turn powering Salesforce’s Einstein AI to then feed your agents with their Next Best Action, Recommendations from your knowledge base, or help them with Case Wrap-up. It’s a new level of agent focus and efficiency, powered by b+s Connects with Webex or Cisco Contact Center.

Bucher + Suter Connects has been a HUGE help in connecting two of our company’s core platforms. Everything from the install to the usage of the connector has been a breeze and has been helpful since day one.

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Connects makes CRM integrations possible in minutes, not years, allowing businesses to create efficient agent workflows and quickly deliver a better overall experience to their end customers. Agents can continue to live in the CRM they already know and love, while enhancing it with an enterprise-class Contact Center routing engine, without requiring significant time off-queue for training.

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Reporting and analytics

Maintain holistic omnichannel customer journey data for truly actionable insights

Maintain holistic omnichannel customer journey data for truly actionable insights

With b+s Connects and the Salesforce-native voice object carried from the contact center into Salesforce Service Cloud Voice, you now have a complete overview of your customers’ journeys across channels.

A complete view over your contact center and the ability to action immediate change to improve your agents’ workflows and your customers’ experience is but a few clicks away.

Feature set

Call control

Screen pop based on caller ID

Salesforce Einstein support

Automatic call logging

Agent state control


Check out the fact sheet for a detailed feature list

ROI Calculator

The contact center is no longer seen as a cost center, but a vital cog in your customer support strategy. Learn how much you could save on your inbound and outbound interactions with b+s Connects.

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