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Webex Connect

Webex Connect – The ultimate Communications Platform as a Service

Webex Connect is the ultimate CPaaS platform tailored for modern enterprises – elevating automated, event-triggered communication to meet diverse business challenges and connecting everyone, everywhere.

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Low-code drag-and-drop customization

Low-code drag-and-drop customization

With Webex Connect you can simply and effectively automate your outbound communication across a multitude of channels, based on your customers’ specific interactions. And it can all be controlled from a single platform with an intuitive drag-and-drop UI.

What makes Webex Connect so special?

Complete customer journeys

By connecting the dots between your customers’ channels, your communication platforms, and your business applications, Webex Connect facilitates highly personalized, proactive and reactive interactions across the whole customer lifeycycle.

Built for everyone

While Webex Connect is enterprise-grade and utilized by some of the world’s largest organizations, it’s low-code tools, including the visual flow builder, means there is a low barrier to entry and a smooth learning curve for your developers and CX professionals.

Up and running in no time

Building bridges between your platforms, apps, and channels to help automate your communcation processes sounds time consuming and complicated. But with Webex Connects’ APIs and pre-built functions, you’ll soon be delivering unified, personalized experiences.

Omnichannel, multi-system self-service and customer outreach

Omnichannel, multi-system self-service and customer outreach

Proactive engagement across channels helps you drive your customer relationships, make positive impressions, and create lasting brand sentiment.

Reach out to your customers with personalized communications by synchronizing your enterprise systems and your communication channels with Webex Connect.


Automated proactive outreach

Inform your customers automatically with notifications, based on system event triggers or personalized campaigns.

Webex Connect Flow Builder

Develop interaction flows using an intuitive builder for event-triggered communications.

Webhooks and API support

Go beyond pre-built integrations and tailor your outbound interactions to fit your systems and communication channels.

Cloud-native architecture

Benefit from a flexible, scalable, and reliable cloud-native solution, ensuring reduced downtimes and smooth operations.

Secure data encryption

Rest assured with top-tier security measures that encrypt sensitive data during transit and at rest, ensuring complete compliance.

Intelligent bot assistance

Deploy AI-driven chatbots to engage with customers round-the-clock for routine queries, provide instant responses, and seamlessly escalate complex issues to live agents.

Conversational AI
Data-driven insights and automation

Data-driven insights and automation

Automate communications across your customer’s lifetime from pre-sales to aftercare, and then use data-backed analytics to improve your automations. By continually optimizing your communication processes, you’ll be actively delivering even better customer experiences.

Reporting and Analytics

Connect beyond boundaries: Webex Contact Center at your Service!

Webex Connect empowers communication across the entire customer journey, so wherever they are – you’ll meet them there

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