Empowered customer service: enhanced CX with Bucher + Suter’s integrated CCaaS solutions

Empowered customer service: enhanced CX with Bucher + Suter’s integrated CCaaS solutions

CCaaS: Seamlessly integrated contact center tools that empower agents and enhance CX

Strong CX starts in the contact center. But you don’t have to sacrifice efficiency to delight customers. Bucher + Suter combines powerful cloud technology, AI, and reporting for a smarter experience that works for agents and the customers they serve.

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Cloud Contact Center

Quickly adapt to evolving requirements

Quickly adapt to evolving requirements

A comprehensive cloud-based system that you can integrate, update, and scale as needed, with minimal impact on resource usage and cost.

Cloud-based contact center

Add resources and channels with ease

Adjust agents, call routing, and available channels up and down without delay.

Always be there for your customers

Build a reliable contact center that customers can depend on for 24/7 help.

Integrate with core apps and services

Create a seamless customer experience across all channels and touchpoints.

Contact center agent assistance

Give agents full situational awareness

Give agents full situational awareness

Reduce context-switching by surfacing the knowledge and insights that agents need, within the UI they already use every day – the CRM.

CRM integrations

Surface answers in the agent desktop

Proactively display case insights and recommended solutions with intelligent CRM integration.

Integrate chat, email, and phone support

Make it easy for agents to toggle between different cases and support channels.

Fully customize the agent view

Give agents everything they need to work smarter—in a single, personalized view.

Contact center AI

Automate in the name of better customer service

Automate in the name of better customer service

Reduce friction throughout the contact center experience with operationalized AI.

b+s AI Services

Let intelligent bots handle repetitive tasks

Use voice-bots and chatbots for routine tasks so that agents can focus on higher-touch issues.

Go beyond the traditional IVR

Direct customers with Interactive Virtual Assistants (IVA) that are accurate and intuitive.

Rely on our deep AI expertise

Work with our experts to bring AI-powered assistance to every step of the journey.

Contact center reporting and analytics

Make confident, data-driven decisions

Make confident, data-driven decisions

Get deep insights into how customers interact with your contact center so you can optimize performance across the board.


See holistic service center data in one place

Bring ops data from any source into one data model rich with actionable intel.

Put your supervisors a step ahead

Help supervisors optimize performance—no technical know-how required.

Share reports with key decision makers

Build the comprehensive and consumable reports that business leaders want to see.

Contact center management

Optimize performance on the fly

Optimize performance on the fly

Oversee, control, and dial in the many moving parts of contact center ops without the need to involve IT.

Learn more about supervisor management.


Give supervisors all they need in one interface

Use Cockpit navigation to quickly view all available services, workflows, and config.

Make critical adjustments without involving IT

IT escalations can be inefficient and cause unnecessary strain on your teams. Optimize on-the-fly and without needing to escalate to IT.

Minimize operational disruptions and downtime

With a simple and easy-to-use UI, packed with a host of configuration options, making important backend changes to the contact center, has never been quicker.

Explore the Connected Contact Center UI

What an intelligent contact center looks like in action.

Key benefits – why build your contact center with Bucher + Suter

A flexible and secure cloud-based system

An intuitive and informed agent experience

Powerful AI for smart, scalable experiences

Actionable insights for a more efficient contact center

Best-in-class integrations with business-critical apps

A global enterprise trusted by Microsoft, Salesforce, & Cisco

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