Easy and Light CRM Connectors for Cisco Contact Center

We develop, create, and implement exceptional products for Cisco Contact Center and Unified Communication environments across the world. Our products blend CTI & CRM functionality into a perfectly seamless user experience so that businesses can focus on what really matters: creating the kind of high-touch, effortless customer journeys that build loyalty and ensure sales.

CRM Integrations for Cisco CC Portfolio

Salesforce Integration

MS Dynamics Integration

Oracle SC Integration

SAP Integration

Siebel Integration

ServiceNow Integration

Zendesk Integration

Cisco Finesse Integration

Why Bucher + Suter?

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Decades of Industry Wisdom

Building industry knowledge literally since floppy disks and the personal computer. Today, our work is a standard of industry excellence.


100% Cisco Focus

Our motto: do one thing, and do it right. We create products specifically for, and endorsed by Cisco. This translates into superior stability, quality, and support.

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World-renowned Swiss Service

Providing award-winning, around-the-clock service is a point of national pride. It’s in our blood. We simply refuse to accept anything less. Why should you?

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Single Vendor Strategy

Hyper-specialization is the cornerstone of quality. One suite of products, one relationship, one goal: provide the best contact center and collaboration software for Cisco, and Cisco alone.


120+ Contact Center Experts

Over 140 of the most qualified professionals in the industry means that the depth of knowledge we bring to our product development and implementations are second to none.

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Strong Partner Network

The foundations of business are strong, long lasting partnerships. Trust is hard to build, but that’s what we’ve done. These relationships define how we work and are the basis for our success.


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Taking care of business is taking care of customers.

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