24x7 Customer Service

Flag Switzerland

Switzerland (Main Hotline)

Phone: +41 31 917 52 52
Email: support@bucher-suter.ch

Flag Germany


Phone: +49 6251 8622 555
Email: support@bucher-suter.de

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United States

Phone: +1 800 917 9060
Email: support@bucher-suter.com

Customer Service is our Top Priority

Our team works in an ISO 9001:2015 support model, focusing on:

  • Troubleshooting and system maintenance
  • Change request services and preventive maintenance
  • Guaranteed Service Level Agreements

Contact centers are mission-critical to the continued success of a business. Our goal is to help our clients maintain system uptime and provide consistent, seamless service to their customers.

Our customer service representatives are available to our global customer base 24/7 to meet this goal. 

Login to the b+s Ticket Tool

Customers with an active maintenance agreement have access to the b+s Ticket Tool and the FAQ database related to products from Bucher + Suter, Cisco and other vendors.

Early Birds,

discover the new Bucher + Suter Case Portal (formerly Ticket Tool)

In an effort to continuously improve our customer experience, Bucher + Suter is migrating its "customer service case management system" to the Salesforce Service Cloud. The new case portal will provide a smoother interchange of information and overtakes the functionalities of the previous portal. The case portal migration will not affect our communication via phone or email.

Request early bird access to the new case portal