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GDPR-compliant private cloud

Bucher + Suter’s private cloud contact center offers the perfect blend of cloud advantages like scalability, reliability, and redundancy, coupled with robust assurances on data sovereignty, security, and compliance. Tailored exclusively for your business, we provide a seamless transition to a cloud environment.

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Hybrid & on-premise

Want to keep some things on-prem? Let us help you decide which elements of your system can be moved to the cloud.

Cloud security

We operate our contact center and UC cloud from high-security data centers that are optimized for high availability.

Flexible licensing models

With Cisco Flex licensing, you can switch between different on-prem and cloud operating models at any time.

Which cloud is best for me?

Private cloud vs. public cloud

Private cloud vs. public cloud

Let our experts help you explore different cloud options from the Cisco and Bucher + Suter portfolio. Discover different architecture options for customers completely new to the Cisco ecosystem as well as those already utilizing Cisco UCCE/PCCE.

Whether the decision-making process leads us to a Webex Public Cloud, the Bucher + Suter Private Cloud, remaining with an on-premise solution, or a hybrid deployment, you can be assured that our experts will remain on-hand to explain your options and help you understand which options are best-suited to your challenges.

Ultimately the decision with which deployment option to take,
will come down to a number of factors dictated by your carefully-analyzed requirements.

Scalability for anticipated growth and long-term vision

Security, reliability, and redundancy

Performance requirements

Integration requirements

Customization capabilities



Migration time

User experience

Level of innovation

Operational control of hardware

Your path to the cloud

Finding a pace that's right for you with hybrid

Finding a pace that’s right for you with hybrid

With flexible Cisco Contact Center architecture, you can benefit from uniform functions, tools and interfaces – regardless of whether we implement your solution on-premise, in our secure private cloud environment, or take digital transformation at your pace, with a hybrid solution.

At Cisco, we’re cloud first, but not cloud only. Today, most of our 30,000 contact center customers are running on-premise solutions. But in most of our current projects, customers and prospects do discuss cloud and hybrid deployments with us in preparation for their future requirements. We’re glad to have Bucher + Suter with their wealth of experience to assist our customers in Europe in finding their own path and pace to the cloud. With their expertise they are a great partner to implement and operate any possible deployment model based on Cisco’s award-winning contact center technology.

Amy Chang, former Senior Vice President of Cisco‘s Collaboration Technology Group

With the cloud consulting center, we have significantly increased our agility and flexibility.

Curdin Schenkel, Leader Workplace & Inftrastructure, TKB


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