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November 10, 2022


Awards and Accreditations from Cisco, Salesforce, and Other Big Players

At Bucher + Suter, helping our clients keep their customers satisfied by developing industry-leading middleware is enough to keep the smiles on our faces. But when our solutions and services are officially recognized, well, frankly, we couldn’t be more flattered. Below is a selection of our most recent industry awards honoring the hard work of our employees and collaborators.

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Top IT Employer 2024 Award for Noser Group

As part of the Noser Group, we are delighted that the Noser Group has once again been recognized as one of the top 10 IT employers in Switzerland. This award reflects our ongoing commitment and the hard work of all team members. We are proud to have played our part in this outstanding achievement and look forward to continuing our journey with the Noser Group and all our employees.

Award von top IT  employer 2024 für die Noser Group

Cisco Collaboration Partner of the Year 2023

“With our innovations, we are building the bridge to a digital future. This would not be possible without the commitment and long-standing trust on which our collaboration is based.” Michael Frey, Channel Leader Cisco Switzerland.

Thank you for this award, Cisco! We look forward to the coming years and continuing our successful collaboration.

        cisco parnter gold certified

Value Extend Partner of the Year 2022

During Cisco Partner Summit week, we had the opportunity to reflect on our relationship with our closest partner.

With the launch of our global Webex practice, the refinement of our b+s Connects and broader Cisco Contact Center product portfolio, and the upcoming release of our solutions built for Webex Contact Center – it’s been a stellar 12 months for everything we do with Cisco.

At this year’s summit, we were awarded the Value Extend Partner of the Year for both Switzerland and central EMEA. It’s a great honor demonstrating our dedication to our mutual clients’ success.

We’re immensely proud to have won these awards and of the teams who made it happen.

Value Extend Partner of the Year award

Cisco European Hackathon 2022

We’re proud to announce that Bucher + Suter won the silver medal with a real Webex CX use case! You can watch the whole use case on Youtube.

The winning factors:

  • The solution solves a credible customer problem
  • The team demonstrated extensive knowledge of the technology
  • The solution is technically viable
  • The solution is smoothly integrated to third-party solutions Webex, Salesforce, Chatbot, Facebook, Social Messenger
  • The prototype was built and works!

Hackathon Winner

Salesforce Partner Innovation Awards 2021

We’re absolutely delighted to be recognized in the communications AND trailblazer ecosystem categories of the Salesforce Partner Innovation Awards.
Thanks to our customers, partners, and all those at Salesforce who empower us to make great solutions for the Salesforce platform. We’d be nowhere without your collaboration.

Big things are coming in 2022. Stay tuned.

Salesforce Innovation Award

Architectural Excellence Partner of the Year: Collaboration (Germany)

The year 2019 has come and gone, and we had a great time connecting with our partners and friends at Cisco. Receiving recognition for hard work well done is always gratifying. When that praise comes from an organization like Cisco, it means all the more. Thank you!

2019 Salesforce Premier Partner

Bucher + Suter is happy to announce that it has been formally recognized as a Salesforce Premier Partner. This designation comes as a result of our consistent efforts to provide customers utilizing Salesforce with add-on software that adds functionality and streamlines businesses using Cisco CTI products. This status signifies that b+s stands out within the ISV partner ecosystem as a leader in providing the highest quality products and service. We work hard to cultivate our relationship with Salesforce and appreciate this badge of confidence in our efforts.

Thank you Salesforce!

Salesforce has and will continue to be the most strategic partner Bucher + Suter has. We so appreciate being honored with this badge that represents dedication of the Bucher + Suter delivery, operations, and sales teams to always putting customers first.

Trent Cook VP of Customer Success

2018 Cisco Solutions Plus Award

At Bucher + Suter, the Cisco CJS Sales Summit EMEAR is a special event and 2018 was no different. It is an event where we get to connect with trusted partners and valued friends. It is here that we seek to ensure that we are contributing to this technology ecosystem by providing the very best products and services possible. We were thrilled to learn that we were selected to receive the Largest and Fastest Growing Sol+ Partner Award for 2018. The award represents the concerted effort on the part of a great many b+s employees who bring consistent dedication and focus to their work, day after day, all year. This award was given to Bucher + Suter, but it is really an award to our employees whose commitment to excellence made it possible.

2018 Salesforce Trust Award

Salesforce has honored Bucher + Suter with the Salesforce TRUST Award for our b+s Connects for Salesforce products, designed to integrate Salesforce with Cisco Contact Center & Collaboration.

So what is this all about?

b+s provides a collection of middleware “Connectors” that enrich the Salesforce CRM platform & empower businesses to realize maximum value from their investment in Salesforce. Integrated environments empower call center agents to provide outstanding customer service.

The Trust Award is one of four awards (Trust, Innovation, Growth, and Equality) that Salesforce grants to companies that reflect these core Salesforce values. It is selected by the ISV/SI Alliance & Channel/Platform Management Team. Here they recognize Bucher + Suter:

  • As having a positive and long-term relationship with Salesforce
  • As a long-term and trustful Salesforce partner
  • For receiving positive customer reviews
  • For providing the most trusted solutions to customers
  • For continuing to be a key part of the Cisco/Salesforce Strategic Alliance

2017 Two Cisco Awards – EMEAR Sales Summit

The EMEAR summit has come and gone, and we had a great time connecting with our partners and friends at Cisco. Receiving recognition for hard work well done is always gratifying. When that praise comes from an organization like Cisco, it means all the more. We were just bowled over this year when we learned that Cisco felt we earned, not one, but two awards: Largest & Fastest Growing Sol+ Partner 2017 AND Cloud Customer Care Partner 2017! This is an honour, and means a lot to the Bucher + Suter employees who have worked hard this year to ensure we stay at the avant-garde of technology solutions in the contact center & UC solution environments.

To Cisco and our partners: we thank you and plan to continue to earn your recognition and respect for the work we do for all our customers.

To Cisco, our partners and customers: Thank you!

To Cisco and our partners: Thank you for your persistent cooperation and your confidence in a dynamic yet very consistent and authentic company. We continue to develop at the pulse of innovation and will never lose sight of the customer.

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