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April 30 - May 14, 2020


Webinars | Spring 2020

Due to postponements of live events and increased demand for specific Cisco Contact Center integration solutions, we have decided to share our knowledge with you through a webinar series. Register free of charge for the topics of your choice.

All webinars were held in English.

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Topics Covered in the Webinars

  1. eGain Virtual Assistant – life in action!
  2. Your own path and pace to the cloud with Cisco Contact Center
  3. News around SMC 7
  4. The combined power of Cisco & Google
  5. What’s new in the Cisco omnichannel suite?
  6. What’s new in CCE 12.5?
  7. What I need to know about bots
  8. Home Office: Mobile Agent in Action
  9. Live Vote! Your top 3 Omnichannel Desktop CRM Integration Challenges and how to approach them
  10. Extensive functionalities with Cisco’s smart omni-channel contact centers

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For real innovations, you too are in demand, because we gather the best practical experience directly from customer’s projects. Do you have contact center projects in the pipeline? Are you thinking of a cloud or a hybrid solution? Do you want to initiate an AI project? Of course, we are available for individual discussions and demos via Webex and video conference.

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