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A complex landscape with hundreds of vendors, means that the path to the AI-empowered contact center is not always easy to navigate. Let Bucher + Suter remove the complexity.

Why AI with Bucher + Suter?


Faster, AI-assisted agents, and a wealth of improving actionable insights, AI promises a win-win for the contact center and its customers.


We have accumulated decades worth of experience in AI and contact center automation technologies. You’re in safe hands.


Bucher + Suter has developed relationships with some of the best AI and transcription service companies in the world.

Consultancy offers

Transcription services

In contact centers with phone calls (or a voice channel, if you prefer), it all starts with transcription. Accurately turning voice into text and understanding the nuances in language is a big ask. Let us show you where and how it all begins.

Voice and chatbots

Chat-bots, and their cousins voice-bots can help to drastically reduce pressure on your agents and improve CX over traditional IVRs. They can also handle a huge variety of simple, clearly-defined tasks, removing much of the menial work from your contact center.

AI Integration

AI services like Salesforce Einstein and Microsoft Insights help you to utilize your ever-expanding data in innovative ways, and gather information for you and your agents, before you or they know they need it. Our platform and AI experts can help you every step of the way.

Conversational AI in a nutshell

What is it about?

What is it about?

Let our partner, Cognigy fill you in, in under 3 minutes!

You have surely spoken with countless machines throughout your life, be it a support agent when you call your internet provider, an online bot on a website when asking how you can reschedule your flight ticket or asking Siri to recommend you where to get a good pizza nearby. What differs all these technologies from one another is how intelligent they really are. That’s where Conversational AI comes in. In this video you will learn what Conversational AI is and how it’s applied.

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Communication between your customers and agents costs money. Conversational AI can assist in answering simple and recurring inquiries efficiently, competently, and immediately. Artificial intelligence relieves the workload of customer advisors, and customers are served around the clock without any additional effort.


In this instructive product session, Thijs Waanders explains everything you need to know about voice-bots, from their functionality to their integration with the contact center.

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Advantages of bots

Time-saving through automation

Increased efficiency of administrative processes

Helps to manage peak times

Artificial intelligence can be used to prevent customer churn

AIC4 Tested. GDPR Compliant

24/7 customer service

Customer identification and authentication

Customer identification and authentication
Automated identification and authentication gives customers fast access to their data.

Prequalification of customer requests
Bots can pre-qualify customer requests and can intelligently assess, based on availability, whether they can be served via the automated service or should be routed to an available agent.

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What does it look like?

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