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For the customizations, configurations, and consultancy you need to take full advantage of your Cisco Contact Center to Salesforce integration, there’s the b+s Bridge Program.

The b+s Bridge program is designed to deliver advice, direction and customization services related to:​

  • The transformation of your Salesforce deployment into a full-blown CX platform.
  • The enablement of Cisco Contact Center technology and Salesforce to work together in a way that’s tailored to your business processes.​
  • Broadening b+s Connects’ integration capabilities to the specifics of your technology stack.
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Bridging the gaps to CX excellence



The latest routing mechanics, WFM, workflow, & customer journey insights are the bedrock on which better experiences are developed.



Optimized agent experience, analytics, AI and digital engagement capabilities form the superstructure for a CRM-focused CX solution.​

Bucher + Suter

Bucher + Suter

Bringing Cisco & Salesforce CX capabilities together and empowering them to work in harmony across platforms, completes your bespoke solution.

Driving value

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Each b+s Bridge project is designed with you for your specific needs.

Here you’ll find a host of our award-winning consultants’ and developers’ technical specializations:

Areas of focus



• Intelligent IVR ​
• Call routing​
• Chatbots​
• Data dips

Einstein / AI

Einstein / AI

• Transcription feed ​
• Workflow automation​
• Recommendations​
• NBA​
• Call Wrap up



• Real-time transcription​
• Transcription logging​
• Actionable events​
• Sentiment

Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud

• Agent Workspace​
• Intelligent screen pop​
• Task automation​
• Case management​
• Incident management​
• Knowledge​
• Omni-channel routing Gadget customization​
• Workforce engagement

Reports / Analytics

Reports / Analytics

• Dashboards​
• Advanced reports​
• Omni Supervisor​
• Unified reporting


Preferred agent routing
Custom dashboards
Transfer tracking
Post-call surveys
Lead creation from Cisco Contact Center queues
Custom browser notifications

The Bridge program is tailored to your needs, but here are some examples of the type of solutions we can craft together.


What exactly is the b+s Bridge Program?

The Bridge program is designed to give you access to Bucher + Suter’s industry-leading talent and help you make the most of your Salesforce to Cisco Contact Center integration. With an abundance of Salesforce and Cisco- and Webex- Contact Center expertise, our consultants can help you get everything you need from your systems integration.

With the Bridge program, we can help your business across the breadth of your customer service strategy from pre-agent-interactions with things like enhanced self-service (intelligent IVR and chatbots) all the way through post-interaction with reporting and analytics. And let’s not forget what we do best; enhancing the agent desktop with things like tailored screen-pops, Salesforce Next Best Action and Recommendations, customer sentiment indicators, and other capabilities utilizing transcription and Einstein integration.

How much resources will I have to give up from my own team?

While the process is collaborative, especially in the early fact-finding and consultative stages, Bucher + Suter’s experts are well versed in taking over the project’s duration and will lead your team with finesse from start to finish.

Ultimately, you will have a say in the input level you’d like your teams to have at each stage. Because of the unique nature of the Bridge program projects, we’re very open to more or less collaborative work as it fits in with your internal resourcing capabilties.

Why are Bucher + Suter the right partner to deliver Salesforce and Cisco Contact Center services?

Bucher + Suter has been in the business of contact centers for more than 20 years and has been a Cisco-only vendor for the duration of that time. We are Cisco Contact Center experts! Everything we do is built around and for Cisco’s contact center ecosystems, and there is no partner in the world with the dedicated focus, experience, and expertise that we have.

In addition, we also have a uniquely strong partner relationship with Salesforce and a significant breadth of Salesforce talent from admins to business analysts to developers, that can help you and your teams really unpack Salesforce’s full capabilities. It’s a huge, and often complex platform, but our teams can help you strip back the complexity and help you meet your business needs and objectives.

How much does it cost?

Each project will be scoped based on individual customer requirements and a fixed price estimate will be provided so that you will have a clear understanding of full project costs upfront.

What does the whole project process look like?

When you come to us with a request, we’ll typically sit through a high-level session with you to understand your business needs and how we might be able to assist you. You could already have technical implementation ideas or simply know your desired to-be state. Whatever position you’re at in your requirements gathering, we’ll be able to help you ascertain realistic options to help you meet your business needs.

After the discovery meeting, we’ll do a high-level scope with our sales engineers, who will assess the feasibility of what we’ve discussed. When the sales engineers have evaluated and discussed the feasibility at a high level with your new project team, we’ll present an estimate of the hours required, as well as a proposition or demonstration of what we’ll do.

After the statement of work is completed and signed off, the project owner for the job will get to work and initiate the project. The pre-agreed upon solution will then be rolled out at a rate you’re comfortable with, and we’ll provide complete documentation. There will then be a 10-day acceptance period where you can grant formal acceptance of the solution or let us know if you need something else worked out.

Post-project completion, our customer success team will be available to help with any follow-up or support questions.

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