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May 12, 2020

Dear customers and partners, as we are currently not allowed to welcome you personally and physically, in addition to our webinar series, we held our CDX Day as an online event on May 12, 2020. Axel Gibmeier guided us through the program. His sharp-tongue and love of modern customer communication promise exciting moderation and interludes.

Download here the recordings and presentations. You can jump in and out of the sessions as desired. The presentations are partly in English and partly in German, as indicated below. 

Recordings and Slides

Welcome Keynote and short presentation of the day's topics

In English: Imagine a world in which technology is the main driving force, but almost imperceptible in everyday life. Imagine everything fits together perfectly. Welcome to the 5th Customer Digital Experience Day.
-> Jürgen Schick (CSO, Bucher + Suter)

Digital customer communication of the AOK Nordost

In German: Customer service is changing - the AOK shows us its own way to the Omnichannel Contact Center. What do you need to know about the customer journey with a statutory health insurance company? Where are potential opportunities for optimization? What lessons can be learned?
-> Jens Uwe Richter (AOK North East) and Ralf Seifert (Senior Consultant, Bucher + Suter)

Cisco Contact Centers and Google Artificial Intelligence

In English: Here we show the architecture of integrations with Cisco Contact Center and Google AI and provide practical examples of how to achieve positive business impact. We will show how Chat Translation and Transcript can reduce costs and improve the customer experience. Including Live Demo!
-> Max Caranzano (Cisco) and Dominique Pfeffer (Google)

The journey to the Cloud Contact Center with Thurgauer Kantonalbank TKB

In German: In this session, you'll learn all about cloud contact centers from the customer's perspective. TKB is Bucher + Suter's first financial services customer for b+s Cloud Services.
-> Stefan Füllemann (TKB) and Axel Gibmeier (BDM Cloud, Bucher + Suter) 

Reporting and Analytics with Cisco's CUIC and Microsoft's Power BI

In English: We'll explain the latest features and the next steps of b+s Reports for CUIC. Afterwards you will experience for the first time how Bucher + Suter brings contact center data and their long experience to the world's leading analytics and business intelligence platform "Power BI". We will share our insights and explicitly show you the possibilities and opportunities you can take advantage of this solution. Get ready for the future.
-> André Lucy (Reporting and Analytics Expert, Bucher + Suter)

From Omnichannel to Customer Engagement

In English: In this session you will learn about the new features of CCE 12.5. Plus, how Cisco ECE enhances your voice contact center with chat and email capabilities. Also see how a live chat can be turned into a co-browse session with video.
Thorsten Schneider (Senior Solution Architect, Bucher + Suter)



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