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March 11, 2021


Providing tailored, proactive service with the Dynamics 365 Customer Service suite

Customer service is the cornerstone of quality customer relationship management for all companies. Nowadays, customers want the perfect consultation and a personalized approach, along with fast and reliable support. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service aims to meet these challenges by supporting employees through comprehensive system-networking, in-depth data analyses, and other intelligent tools. Dynamics 365 Customer Service is a suite of apps and workspaces dedicated to facilitating exceptional customer experiences and service. Dynamics 365 Customer Service can also be integrated into pre-existing CRM and workflow systems.

Find out below how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, including the Customer Service workspace and Omnichannel for Customer Service app modules, can significantly improve transparency across the entire customer journey and support your employees in processing service requests!

Close collaboration between marketing, customer service, and sales

Dynamics 365 Customer Service gives every employee, regardless of department, access to an integrated working environment and uniform data, meaning that everyone can easily access important information at any time, even while on the move. As a result, employees spend much less time looking for information and much more time providing fast and targeted support to customers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction in the long-term.

In addition to the uniform data, Microsoft Dynamics 365 also integrates the exchange of information from a multitude of business areas, from sales and marketing to project management and financial management, as well as to customer service and field sales. The solution offers user-friendly dashboards that make it easier to work with Dynamics 365 apps data in the familiar Outlook environment.

Long-term customer loyalty through omnichannel customer support

Social media, email, chat, phone, and face-to-face: the preferred communication channels for customers of today are as varied as their expectations and concerns. The challenge is then to provide customers with excellent service across these various channels whilst also allocating resources in the most efficient way possible. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service solves this problem by providing omnichannel functionality, which allows for the integration of multiple channels into a single user interface. This gives customer service employees a comprehensive or 360-degree overview of a customer’s interactions across all channels and, importantly, provides a seamless customer experience across the customer’s preferred communication channels. All of this empowers employees to truly master the delicate balancing act of efficiency with effective and tailored customer service and allows them to provide better answers faster.

Integrated Unified Agent Desktops

A Unified Agent Desktop refers to a workforce optimization solution that provides users with a single interface to view customer history, keep track of all customer concerns and manage new interactions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apps, such as Omnichannel and Unified Service Desk, have a configurable user interface built on Microsoft Unified Interface, allowing customer service agents to view customers’ information from various sources into one easy-to-use tool. This gives service agents immediate access to critical information based on job or interaction type, so they can quickly interact with customers and respond to inquiries and issues.

With b+s Connects for Microsoft Dynamics, Bucher + Suter offers a tool that empowers contact center agents to deliver laser-focused, tailor-built customer service by embedding Cisco Contact Center functionality into the Dynamics interface. b+s Connects is easy to install and the functionality offers everything that today’s customer service centers demand. By making call functionality available to agents directly in the CRM, employees can maintain a big-picture view of customer requests immediately upon receiving a call. Thus, the employee can fully control the customer interaction without leaving the Dynamics Unified Interface.

Nowadays, offering inspiring customer service is not possible without having access to the right information at the right time. b+s Connects for Microsoft Dynamics solves this problem by providing customer service agents with a unified 365 Dynamics desktop with integrated Cisco Contact Center functionality so that they can focus on what is really important to them: the customer.

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