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June 22, 2021


Press Release: b+s Connects for Service Cloud Voice

Bucher + Suter customers can benefit from Cisco Contact Center integration directly via Salesforce Service Cloud Voice with b+s Connects.

Bern, Switzerland, June 16, 2021 – Bucher + Suter today announced it has launched b+s Connects for Service Cloud Voice on Salesforce AppExchange, empowering customers to connect Cisco Contact Center to Salesforce Service Cloud Voice. Like all of the b+s Connects product suite, Service Cloud Voice brings together phone, digital channels, and CRM data in one central view for contact center agents, this time with a native Salesforce voice object.

Customers can now connect their Cisco Contact Center solution into Service Cloud Voice with b+s Connects for Service Cloud Voice, creating a unified agent and digital channel experience to deliver faster, smarter, and more personalized customer experiences.

Integrated directly with Salesforce Service Cloud Voice, b+s Connects is built for Cisco Contact Center and is currently available on AppExchange.

b+s Connects for Service Cloud Voice

Having long espoused the benefits of a single, unified agent desktop for brands, contact center agents, and end-customers alike, Bucher +Suter recognizes the arrival of Service Cloud Voice for Partner Telephony as a galvanizing prospect for the industry. b+s Connects will empower Cisco Contact Center customers to fully utilize all of the innovative features Service Cloud Voice promises. From the foundations of conversational AI like transcription to advanced AI-empowered features like Next Best Action, automatic wrap-up, and cross-channel interaction and sentiment analytics, the future is bright for Cisco Contact Center users and their customers.

For 10 years, Bucher + Suter has invested heavily in Salesforce and AppExchange and seen fantastic returns from that investment. Introducing b+s Connects during the Service Cloud Voice for Partner Telephony launch reiterates Bucher + Suter’s commitment to CRM-based unified agent desktops and the opportunities that the continuous development of the Salesforce platform presents to brands, vendors, and end customers.

Comments on the News

“Consumer expectations are changing with unflinching resolve, but they’re being shaped by companies like Salesforce and Cisco who encourage brands to put their customers at the center of their growth strategy,” said Bucher + Suter’s VP of Product Strategy, Trent Cook. “Unified agent desktops are here to stay, and with the support of Service Cloud Voice and Bucher + Suter’s decade-long experience in integrating Cisco Contact Center into the Salesforce platform, AI-supported contact centers that empower agents to deliver enhanced experiences are the future.”

“b+s Connects for Service Cloud Voice is a welcome addition to the Service Cloud Voice ecosystem,” said Patrick Beyries, VP of Product Management, Service Cloud. “The expansion of Service Cloud Voice for partner telephony enables customers to integrate the telephony experience natively within the agent workspace, combined with CRM data, process and voice intelligence.”

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