Cisco Contact Center Analytics and Reporting

Analytics with Microsoft Power BI

b+s CCBI is a business intelligence solution based on Microsoft's Power BI for the Cisco Contact Center Enterprise (CCE), available on-premise, hybrid or from the cloud. Finally, service center data is viewed holistically. Selected values interact across diagrams to show selected problem areas at a glance. Groupings of organizations, locations and languages become a breeze with Power BI. For more information on Power BI, click HERE.

Identify repeated calls within an analysis of individual customer contacts using ANI (automatic number identification). Power BI's state-of-the-art visualization methods include geographic map charts and advanced calculation methods, for example, to identify trends in addition to the usual charts. In addition, the Power BI Marketplace offers a further suite of useful charts from third party developers. 


  • Holistically prepared service center data, for any analyses.
  • Visualized and fast filtering of all available data.
  • Self-service reporting thanks to business relevant groupings.
  • Intuitive UI, comprehensibility and flexibility.
  • Filigree measurement of smallest entities with all their global relationships.
  • Shared use on various devices possible (mobile, remote work).
  • With the add-on variant, no additional server performance and storage space is required.
  • Further data from any source and department can be integrated and operated by the customer itself or by Bucher + Suter in the CCBI data model.
  • b+s CCBI is available as a stand-alone solution or as an add-on to b+s Reporting (call-by-call database server). In the cloud solution, the Power BI Gateway is installed on a server with an internet connection and delivers the data from the customer's b+s Reporting to the Power BI data model in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.
  • Depending on the customer's Microsoft licensing, the update schedule is defined, and a dedicated cloud instance is used if necessary.
  • Focus checkbox for easy differentiation of service level relevant objects.
  • Freely definable short call threshold.
  • Skill group and precision queue consolidation.
  • Display of data availability across all data sources.
  • Organizational groupings (BU/OU) facilitate segmentation of rights.
  • Data-independent date and time calendar for selecting and displaying data.
  • Retention of all configured objects, even if they have been deleted in the CCE.
  • All common contact center KPI.
  • Purpose-built interactions between all charts in report templates.
  • Language dimension allows analysis of demand and existing language skills.
  • Location parameters for agents allow geographic analysis.
  • Primary queue reporting.
  • Originator (ANI) dimension and filter also allow recaller reporting.
  • Service level scenarios in 10 steps from 10 seconds to 20 minutes.
  • Inclusion of agent and department utilization.

Data models and report templates are published in the customer's workspace. User segmentation of the data is done in advance based on predefined roles and “row level security”. Assigning roles allows easy management of access rights for the different users within a workspace.


The licensing of Power BI is the responsibility of the customer and not part of the solution. Capacities and limitations are largely dependent on this and can also be increased incrementally. The responsibility for publishing the data in the Azure Cloud and managing the access rights for the users lies entirely with the customer. This also includes compliance with country-specific data protection regulations.


In the b+s CCBI data model, not all data of the reporting database is available (redundancies as partly not useful). Which measures are included with which release can be found in the specification of the data model.

Contact center inbound across all channels (voice, chat, email, tasks)

  • Agent status times
  • Direct calls

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This is how the user interface looks like

Power BI enables holistic data analysis across the entire contact center, allowing charts, ranging from customer journey to agent productivity through to business-critical KPIs, to be visualised easily and immediately.

André Lucy, Product Owner Contact Center Power BI

b+s Reports for CUIC

Get all your reporting needs met with b+s Reports for CUIC. This Cisco Unified Intelligence Center software add-on is an out-of-the-box solution providing supervisors with comprehensive, customizable, and easy-to-view historical and real-time reports.

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Optimizing is impossible without accessible, relevant information. b+s Reports gathers & synthesizes every bit of necessary data and presents it so supervisors can act decisively.

Icon Visualize Lined


To be useful, information must be meaningfully organized. Reports for CUIC takes incredibly complex data and presents it in an easy-to-read visual format so the right move is obvious.

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Providing responsive and efficient services is made possible through contact center optimization. b+s Reports for CUIC is where the effort to ensure the very best service begins.

Reporting Done Right

Icon OutOfTheBox Filled

Out-of-the-Box Drilldowns

Easy-to-access data analytics makes it possible to reveal trends and patterns otherwise invisible.

Icon Filter Filled

Advanced Filters

Filtering on any field makes examining company- and product-specific data a breeze.

Icon Reports Filled

Omnichannel Reports

Admins can simultaneously evaluate all interaction types to optimally allocate contact center resources.

Icon Realtime Filled

Real-Time Graphs

Provide configurable, at-a-glance operational insight for admins operating in unusual volume situations.

Icon DataExportInterface Filled

Data Export Interface

Export data to third-party systems—like CRMs—to enable unified, multi-system reporting within a single interface.

Icon OnlineTemplate Filled

Online Template Help

Get easy-to-understand, online information about templates, equations, and more, on every
open file.

Rapid Implementation

Get it installed fast so your IT can get to work.

You know what’s worse than a software package that is difficult to use? One that’s hard to install & configure. CUIC can be complicated. We’ve taken out the guesswork with a software package that installs fast and simple.

No need to become a CUIC Expert

Pre-configured? You bet!

If you think you need to be an expert to use CUIC correctly, you’re probably right. Fortunately, we’ve created a product that gives you all the CUIC functionality without requiring you be a Cisco Jedi. It’s that easy.

Feature Set

  • Agent Login / Log-out
  • Not Ready Reason Code
  • Team Summary Performance
  • Performance Measurement
  • Real Time and Intraday for Dashboards
  • CC Call Classification
  • Call Flow Analysis
  • Precision Queue Analysis
  • Skill Group/Precision Queue Membership
  • Administrative Configuration
  • ECE data integration and reporting
  • Performance Measurement
  • Recaller Analysis
  • CC Inbound Handled Call Detail
  • Direct Call Classification
  • Search Customer Call Detail
  • Call Details (Contact Summary Detail, Contact History Detail, Call Type Detail, Agent Direct Call Detail, Outbound Campaign Detail)

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