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September 9, 2021


40th Anniversary and CDX Day

September 9, 2021, in Bern and Bensheim

In compliance with the current Covid-19 regulations, we were pleased to celebrate our anniversary event with you. We celebrated 40 years of Bucher + Suter! We would like to thank those who have been with us for a long or short time and who have written success stories with us.

Keynotes in German

Interview with Ruedi Noser (Owner Noser Group), about the gaps of digitalization in 2021

Customer satisfaction survey, our answer with Jens Traupel, Bucher + Suter

Workforce management from the Private Cloud with Steffen Traverso, AOK Nordost and Bettina Wehrli, Bucher + Suter

40 years Bucher + Suter, a review with entertainment potential. Dani Suter, Noser Group and Martin Wüthrich, Bucher + Suter

Voice bots soon possible in your service center? With Thijs Waanders, Cognigy

WFM, QM Calabrio with Andreas Marx and Joep Gerris, Calabrio

UC and CCE from the b+s Private Cloud (ISO, DSGVO, SGB) with Thorsten Schneider, Bucher + Suter

Keeping track of digital channels thanks to IMImobile with Thorsten Schneider, Bucher + Suter

The New Webex Contact Center with Thorsten Schneider, Bucher + Suter

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