b+s Fusion for Finesse

b+s Fusion for Finesse increases agent productivity by transforming Cisco Finesse’s agent cockpit into a unified multi-channel collaboration environment. The Bucher + Suter Fusion for Finesse gadget integrates a range of intuitive gadgets into the Finesse GUI, each of which maximizes Finesse’s capabilities and ensures effective and fast customer service.

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Greatly enhances Finesse’s functionality

Gadgets that provide additional functionality to agents and supervisors using Finesse.

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Intuitive and easy-to-install gadgets

Out-of-the-box solution providing rapid and reliable deployment that lowers implementation costs.

Finesse Gadgets at a Glance

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Fusion CallHistory

Provide agents with a detailed call history list so agents can follow up calls and callbacks. Sortable lists and click-to-dial buttons ensure agents work faster and easier.

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Fusion PhoneBook

Allows agents to search corporate phone books for internal contacts and then call, transfer, or conference without leaving the Finesse GUI.

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Fusion RealTime

Give agents reliable, real-time information about other agents’ state. Instantaneous data about allocated resources enables dynamic workflow management.

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Fusion CallForwardNote

Agents can create a note associated with a call or caller. This note will then be transferred to other agents along with the call transfer.

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Fusion RemotePage

Gives businesses the ability to integrate 3rd party websites into the Cisco Finesse interface to access things like phone directories, help guides, and ticket tools.

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Fusion SpeedDial

Allows the agent to manage personal speed dial lists. Search and dial with just three clicks makes this time-saving feature invaluable to agents.

What’s Under the Hood

b+s Fusion for Finesse irons out the complexity associated with contact center technology to provide a set of time-saving tools that streamline agents' workflow, thereby allowing them to focus on the tasks that really matter for business growth: customer service. 


Demo Video

Demo - Fusion for Finesse

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