Agent Desktop Strategy

259Agent Desktop Strategy Agent Desktop Strategy

Customer service staff should expect to have access to all necessary information, tools and processes at the point of customer contact. With our flexible agent desktop solutions, we offer two different options to help your employees work optimally.

Contact center integrations for your CRM

Agent desktop inside your CRM

Working from the CRM and updating customer data, intra- and post-call likely represent a significant portion of your contact center agents’ workflow. Provide them with everything they need inside your customer data-housing CRM or enterprise application and streamline their work for the benefit of the customer and the contact center. With b+s Connects, you can promote simultaneous increases in agent efficiency, agent contentment, and customer satisfaction.

CRM Integrations

Improving efficiency in the Cisco agent desktop

Cisco Finesse but better

Agent desktop inside Cisco Finesse

The web-based Cisco Finesse desktop gives employees easy access to the applications and information they need. An intuitive and accessible user interface design increases the efficiency of work processes, which in turn improves the quality of customer service.

Learn more on the Cisco Finesse page

b+s Fusion for Finesse
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